History of the Walt Disney World Rides

History of the Walt Disney World Rides

by Russell
(Houston, TX)

I'm interested in the history of the Walt Disney World rides. How they came up with a ride? Who came up with the concepts? Like, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I don't recall any movie about it. Where did it come from? Can you help with history of rides?

Dad's Wow, now that's a big challenge, answer

Russell, good to hear from you again. I'm afraid you've given Dad a task that he may not be able to handle.

History isn't Dad's strong suit. (Fiction, not history.) But let me tell you a little story about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Jeff B.

When Uncle Walt died, Disney almost went with it. There was a lot of chaos in the ranks.

One of the projects that had been on the board was a park called Western River Expansion that was going to be located somewhere along the Mississippi River. The centerpiece of the park was going to be a huge rock structure called Thunder Mesa. Around this structure would be the most complex structure that Disney had ever attempted (meaning the most complicated structure anyone had ever attempted).

This park project never came to fruition. When "the Florida Project" was started, the "Western River Expansion" area was projected for Florida. Unfortunately after Walt died, money became a problem, so things had to be prioritized. The Western River Expansion was deemed as too expensive for the time. It was supposed to be built in stages. The first stage was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The roller coaster construction started in 1989 and was finished in 1980. Later another stage was completed when Splash Mountain opened in 1992.

That's an abbreviated history Big Thunder Mountain Railroad on of Dad's favorite Walt Disney World rides.

Dad's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride page

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