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Hollywood Brown Derby


The Hollywood Brown Derby in the Disney Hollywood Studios is a tribute to the legendary restaurant in the California. it's home to the truly famous Cobb Salad, a Tinseltown fixture which was created by Bob Cobb the owner of the California landmark.



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Although the original restaurant in Hollywood is closed, this Brown Derby is inspired by and licensed by the group that started it all.

The Hollywood Brown Derby

The Hollywood Brown Derby in Disney Hollywood StudiosPhoto by Jeff_B.


The restaurant is located on Hollywood Boulevard in Disney Hollywood Studios between the Animation Court and Sunset Boulevard. It's just before you get to the hat.

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The Hollywood Brown Derby is open for lunch and dinner. It opens at 11:30 each day and closes sometime around park closing time.


Inside you'll find all the charm of the original (which closed in 1985) including the famous caricatures of famous faces on the wood panel walls. The tradition started a long time ago in the original restaurant when movie stars would eat at the restaurant and the owners would make a caricature and put it up on the wall.




The Menu

Like the original, the menu here is quite simple. In fact, see below, it's not fancy at all, it's classy. The items on the menu are a little fancier than the menu itself, but like the look, they are classy.

The Brown Derby menu
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Lunch and Dinner have the same menu including prices. Disney calls it contemporary American cuisine. As you can see the menu has a wide variety of items, but the speciality is the Cobb Salad.

Childrens Menu

The Children's menu has games that kids can play. The entrees include Barbecue Chicken, Macaroni, Grilled Cheese (on whole wheat bread), fish sticks and a grilled hot dog. This is about as varied of a childrens menu as you'll find in any of the Disney Restaurants.

Dine With an Imagineer

Disney has started a new program they call Dine with an Imagineer. Amazingly enough you get to sit down and eat with one of Disney's Imagineers. Up to 10 guests can have lunch with one of Disney's Imagineers. You can get a behind the scenes look at how Disney works and listen to some very interesting stories.


The Dine with an Imagineer package costs $60.99 (plus tax and gratuity) for adults and $34.99 per child (ages 3-9). There is only 1 seating and it's at 11:30. You'll need reservations for this one.

Fantasmic Dinner Package

On Fantasmic nights, you can get a reserved seats for Fantasmic and get a great meal. (Believe me, this is the way to watch Fantasmic.) You can reserve either lunch or dinner and after your meal you'll be given a voucher that will let you in to Fantasmic through a special line into reserved seats.


Reservations must be made in advance for the Fantasmic Dinner package and a credit card will be required to hold the reservation. (There will be a $10.00 charge to the card if you don't show up.) During the months that Fantasmic is only shown 2 times per week, reservations will need to be made 180 days in advance.


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Dad's Bottom Line

This is a charming little restaurant with pretty good food. Give it a try.