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Hotels and Cleanliness

by Kathy

Hi, me again. You probably won’t want to post this on your site, but I’m hoping you can still answer my question…

I’ve read some pretty disgusting reviews of WDW hotels recently: generally dirty to moldy mildew stench to – worst of all – bed bugs, eeeeewww! They do seem to center on values and mods. Upon further and hopefully final research, I might just get a part time job to help pay for Wilderness Lodge, which seemed to have no bad reviews whatsoever (and looks pretty incredible to boot).

What in the World is going on?! Is this the norm now? Please tell me it isn’t so!

Dad’s there are bound to be some problems Answer


This is a good question for everyone, so I thought I’d answer it here.

There are almost 25,000 rooms at Disney World in the Disney hotels. Every once in a while there are going to be problems with hotels and cleanliness. That’s natural. But …

Disney does an OUTSTANDING job of keeping the hotels updated and clean. They are probably the top hotel chain in customer satisfaction in the world. Every 5 or 6 years every room gets redone. New carpet, wall paper, bedding, everything. Do things wear? Sure, but Disney does a great job of keeping things as nice as possible.

Dad’s Disney Hotels page

I just looked through the last couple of weeks posts at the top Disney forum. None mentioned any bed bugs or anything like that.

When I was traveling a lot, I used to go to TripAdvisor and read all of the reviews when choosing a hotel. It was amazing to read what was written. There would be 2 reviews in a row. The first one would say “This is the greatest hotel in the world.” The next would say “What a dump, worst hotel ever.” If there were an abundance of bad reviews, I’d try a different hotel, but if there were just a few, I’d go with it. I never found any problems.

Believe me. If Disney had real problems with bedbugs or bad smelling rooms, you’d hear about it. The Orlando media loves to publicize all of Disney’s problems.

Again, when you have that many hotel rooms, there will be some problems, but not on a grand scale.

But hey, don’t let me talk you out of the Wilderness Lodge, it’s a beautiful place.

Comments for Hotels and Cleanliness

Feb 24, 2011

Bed Bugs

by: Anonymous

Please check out
Many Disney hotels are affected. We are still going but the website is useful to know what to look for.

Dad’s views

This is a site where anonymous people can say just about anything about any hotel. Unless you see a lot of reports along these lines, I wouldn’t put much stock in them.

I read tons of material about Disney hotels every day and I haven’t seen any reports about bed bugs. It’s amazing that Disney doesn’t have a bigger bug problem. Most of my family has lived in Florida for 20 years, I know how bad the bugs are. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it.

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