How accurate was your November 2010 crowd forecast?

How accurate was your November 2010 crowd forecast?

by joe
(anaheim, ca)

I'm planning a 11-28-2011 trip and am hearing horror stories of crowds. Any advice? And for the record, how accurate was your 2010 crowd forecast?

Dad's some people Answer


Some people will complain about anything. I've seen stories of people howling about crowds on a certain day and the next post talking about how, on the same day, it's was magical because the crowds were so small. It's incredible.

Here are the facts. Disney World crowds are almost always predictable. Here's what Dad's crowd calendar looked like for 2010 for the week after Thanksgiving


Mostly it's light except on the weekends. I looked at to see what the actual crowd levels were for that week. They rate crowds on a 1-10 scale. They say that the actual crowd levels for the week after Thanksgiving in 2010 were Sunday 5/10, Monday 5/10, Tuesday 1/10 Wednesday 3/10, Thursday 5/10, Friday 5/10 and Saturday 8/10.

That means that Dad's calendar was pretty accurate. Dad's 2011 November calendar looks the same as 2010, except I've bumped Thursday up a notch.

Dad's November Disney World crowd page
Dad's December Disney World crowds page

So my advice. My advice is the same as it is any time you go to Disney World. Don't worry about crowds. Know in advance what to expect for crowds. Have a plan, but be flexible.

If you are looking to ride rides, get to the parks early and ride the big rides first. If you want to experience pain anguish and frustration, arrive at noon and grab a bite to eat before trying to ride the rides.

Fifteen Million People visit the Magic Kingdom every year. There will almost always be crowds at Disney World. If you know what you are doing, you won't be one of those griping in some forum about the insane crowds.

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Jan 13, 2011
Thanks, Daddy!
by: Anonymous

That calendar looks about right- I drive shuttles on the weekend for Disneyland so I know the eb and flow of folks here. I'll rent a car avoid Disney World for that weekend. Problem solved!


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