How big are the lockers at Walt Disney World

We are planning to take a cooler into the parks with our lunches and wanted to know, how big are the lockers at the Walt Disney World parks?

Lockers at Walt Disney World

Sign for the lockers at Walt Disney World
Photo by mickey avenue

Dad’s it’s going to be tight Answer

There lockers at all of the Walt Disney World parks. You can rent them for around $5.00 per day (plus a $2.00 key deposit). They come in handy for storing all kinds of things like packages, lunches, swim suits, jackets …

Lots of people do store lunches in the lockers and retrieve them later. The lockers are a bit small for most coolers, but there are ways you can store your cold items.

The lockers are 11″ tall by 9″ wide by 16″ deep. There are some bigger lockers at some of the parks (that fill up real quickly) that are 17″ tall by 12″ wide by 22″ inches deep.

Renting a locker isn’t always real convenient. For example, in Epcot the lockers are next to Spaceship Earth. If you are in the World Showcase, it’s a long walk back to the lockers.

An alternative might be to find a backpack that is big enough and has a section where you could pack food and cold packs. (A good camera bag has great sections that would work great.) This way you don’t have to take time to go all the way back to the lockers when you want to eat.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

We don’t usually bring food into the parks. I know lots of people do. Disney World Restaurants are expensive, but in our view, are part of the experience.

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