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How Can I Make This a Magical Anniversary


by Trevor Graham
(Winnipeg, Manitoba)


Dad I thank you for your pages, we have gone from never seeing Disney in Jan 2011 to the point where we now are planning our fourth trip in Sept 2012. We have tried all the dining plans and have seen most of the resorts (can be the best part of the trip sometimes).


Now on to the question in September when we go it is a big week for us as there is a birthday and an anniversary within the seven days, my wife is a huge Muppets fan and also loves seeing the princesses. What would you suggest to make this a “magical” anniversary?



The sign at Muppetvision 3D with the Muppet balloon in the background

It’s time to play the music Photo by Samantha Decker

Dad’s Love is in the Air Answer




You’ve certainly come to the right place. When it comes to planning for romance at Walt Disney World, Dad really knows his stuff (Dad and Mrs Mom celebrated their Honeymoon there you know!). So let’s get down to planning your Most Magical Anniversary Ever!


Celebrations are always special at Disney world – starting the minute you arrive! Make sure you let the Cast Member at your resort check-in counter know that you’re celebrating special and you’ll receive these neat little buttons you can wear around the park. You’ll get lots of well-wishes just like the Princess did on her Honeymoon last year.


For a really memorable anniversary that combines the both Muppets and the Disney princesses, why not spend the day at Disney Hollywood Studios? You can laugh along with Muppet Vision 3D, travel under the sea withThe Voyage of the Little Mermaid, and be swept away by the magic of Beauty and the Beast Live On Stage.


Dad’s Disney Hollywood Studios Page


Then, for something extra special, you can book a Fantasmic Dinner Package. You can choose to have a meal at the elegant Hollywood Brown Derby, the eclectic Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano, or even the buffet at Hollywood and Vine. Plus, you’ll have the best seats in the house for the spectacular nighttime show (which features more princesses!).


There’s not much more you can do with the Muppets at Walt Disney World, but if you want to pack in more time with the Princesses, you could even start your day with a princess breakfast! If you have Park Hopper tickets, you could pop over to the Magic Kingdom to dine at Cinderella’s Royal Table, or to EPCOT’s Akershus – nothing’s better than starting out the day with a character meal!


Beyond your actual anniversary, if you’re looking for special or unique elements to add to your trip, you could consider taking a carriage ride at the Port Orleans Riverside, book a romantic meal at one of Dad’s Top Table Service experiences, or perhaps order a special chocolate or flower arrangement to be delivered to your room.

Dad’s Bottom Line


Trevor, whatever you do, you’ll have a Magical anniversary – you’ll be celebrating at Walt Disney World after all! Congratulations, and have a wonderful trip!


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the fire pit at 'Ohana



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Jun 16, 2012 A Crystal Clear Anniversary Suggestion
by: Jerome During the “Year of a Million Dreams” @ WDW, we planned another Disney Vacation Club (DVC) trip. On the Internet I saw a video from a local Orlando TV Station of Cinderella’s Bedroom in the Magic Kingdom Castle. On her bed I noticed some beautiful “Towel Art”. Small hand towels were arranged into a pillow and a slipper atop it.

I made a few calls to our Resort ahead of our trip to try to create another “Magical Moment”.

On one of the Backstage Tours at WDW in the mid ’90s, our daughter met another girl. Ever since they have been the best of friends. With the friend living in Fla., she has been a part of every one of our annual DVC vacations since.

It took Disney two days to locate the housekeeper/artist at the Grand Floridian to have our special orders made. I then received a call from the person in charge of “Castle Operations” to assure me the surprises would be in place, free of charge. He then offered my family a free tour of the Special Castle Rooms.

The girls were tricked into believing WDW was going to give them a special photo opportunity with Prince Charming. The “guide” for the photo session met us at the entrance to the Castle & proceeded to have us enter a nearby elevator. Once the doors opened at our destination, the girls saw the “Real Glass Slipper” in the display case and instantly knew where they were. At that time, in their early twenties, their faces lit up with excitement as if each were living their own fantasy as the tour began. Each girl then received a small glass slipper engraved with their names and the date this “Magical Memory” was created.

There is no place like Disney.
There is no place like Disney.

Jun 15, 2012 Great ideas
by: Trevor Both the suggestions are great will make sure to try to do both. It is nice to have a place to throw around ideas with like minded people. We have had dinner at California Grill before and it was amazing, does anyone know what restaurant in or by EPCOT to watch fireworks from that offers a great view?

Dad’s Answer


If you can get them (get there very early) the outside restaurant at Mexico La Hacienda is probably the best place. Also, there is a seating area behind Yorkshire County Fish Shop. Both fill up quickly.

Jun 13, 2012 Our Magical Disney 25th Anniversary
by: Jerome For our Disney Vacation Club trip in the Summer of 2004 I wanted to surprise my wife for our 25th Anniversary. It started as a Dream to have a nice family dinner and end with Anniversary gifts and a fondant covered cake. The location would be the California Grill atop the Contemporary and the reservation would coincide with the Magic Kingdom fireworks and piped in music.

I contacted Guest Relations at our resort about my Dream. That afternoon I was introduced to the head baking staff at the Central Bakery. The following afternoon I was invited to return and help decorate our cake. I was greeted with a Central Bakery apron and hat and was photographed to prove to my wife where I was that afternoon. I was introduced to all the Bakery staff then added the numerous silver sugar powder Mickey ears to the beautiful white fondant double layer cake with a multitude of white icing roses all on a beautiful crystal base.

The cake was graciously provided by Disney and presented to hide till the last possible moment the Anniversary Diamond for my Wife. You know where our 30th Anniversary was held. This time I graciously paid for the magnificent Red Velvet fondant cake with spectacular colored icing flowers. In both events we got rounds of applause and even standing ovations from the other diners and waitstaff as they watch the Dreams Come True. Best of wishes to you and yours.

Jun 11, 2012 Anniversary at Disney
by: Trixie My husband and I just celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary at Walt Disney World. One thing I would not forget to do is tell the Disney Cast Member who checks you in at registration that you are celebrating a special event. You and your spouse will recieve “Happy Anniversary” buttons and everyone throughout the parks, cast members, bus drivers, other guests, will wish you a “Happy Anniversary”. I found that servers at Disney restaurants often added something special for people celebrating. Le Cellier was especially nice! Enjoy!

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