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How do I get from the bus station to Walt Disney World?


by Carrie


We are taking the bus (due to my fear of flying).


Also, we have a person that needs a scooter to get around. Were not sure how to get the scooter from the station to the hotel (Pop Century). Any suggestions??????


Get from the bus station to Disney World in a limo

Get from the bus station to Disney World in a Limo Photo by Lutor44

Dad’s not so easy Answer




What a great question. I don’t have any real good (free) answers for you. While Disney transports millions of guests from the airport to the hotels, they don’t do anything for guests arriving by bus.


There are a few ways you can get there on your own. (Walking is probably out.) The first and probably the most affordable way is to take a cab. If you have a party of 4 or less, the cab will be the cheapest way. I would call ahead and make sure they have the right vehicle to accommodate the scooter.


Another option that can actually save you money depending on the size of your party is a limo. We had a blast the time we rented a limo from the airport to the Polynesian Resort. The kids freaked. (We surprised them and Grandma. You can read about it here.)


There are several limo companies that service Orlando. I don’t have one I recommend. (If you run a limo company in Orlando and want to advertise on Dad’s Guide give drop me a line.) It’s a great way to arrive at Disney World. Yes, it’s a bit pricey but for a once in a lifetime experience a limo is an interesting way to travel.


The other neat way to travel is bring your own car. Yes, your own car. The train has a service where they will transport your car to Orlando for you. The Autotrain (that’s the name) originates in Lorton VA and arrives in Sanford FL. (Sanford is about 10 miles north of Orlando.) You drive your car right up on the train and you and your car go on the 17+ hour trip to Florida together.


Dad’s Bottom Line


Carrie, getting from the bus station to Walt Disney World can be a chore. You will need to make some phone calls to get something set up for the scooter.


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Aug 17, 2011 Limo
by: Anonymous I have used Quicksilver before. They are very reliable and reasonably priced I find. Plus they will stop for a half an hour for free at the grocery store and let you shop. We have always used this for water since its very expensive at the parks and every room I’ve stayed in has at least a small fridge. We bring a small soft sided cooler and put it in the basket on the front of the scooter with out water. It saves from having to buy water.

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