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How do we get a roll in shower at the All Star Movies Resort?


“Hi Dad. We’re going to Walt Disney World in 2018 from the United Kingdom. Wee booked through Thomas Cook,” (a travel agent in the United Kingdom) “and are staying at the All-Star Movies. I need a roll in shower. How do we ask for this please?”


Buzz Lightyear at the All Star Movies

Buzz will take care of it – Photo by WDW Shutterbug


There are several ways you can arrange a room with a roll in shower at the All Star Movies. The first way is to get in touch with Thomas Cook. Or if you’re not in the UK, you didn’t use Thomas Cook, somebody else, get in touch with your travel agent.


I always recommend using a Disney travel agent. Our agent is Destinations to Travel.


Dad’s Destinations to Travel page


the first thing to try is get in touch with your travel agent. They should’ve already asked you about it. But just tell them, you need an accessible room. All the resorts at Disney World have accessible rooms which have roll in showers. You don’t have to worry about there not being one at the All-Star Music resort. They have them so you’ll be able to get one. Have your agent request that on your reservation.


Disney doesn’t guarantee that you get your request on your reservation, but they’re really good, especially about when things like accessible rooms are needed. Disney is very good if you have disabilities of any kind. They go out of their way to help people that need help. They will do their best to satisfy your request even if they have to move you to a different resort. But they have several accessible rooms available at the All-Star Resorts so it shouldn’t be a problem.


The second way you could get a room request is to go ahead yourself and make the request. You can go on your My Disney Experience, look at your hotel reservation. I think there’s a place where you can make requests. You go in there and you request an accessible room. You can also call Disney with your reservation number and ask the to add the request to your reservation.


Then the last way is through Touringplans has a really cool tool for subscribers. It’s a tool that has all the rooms at Walt Disney World listed, and they’re categorized by accessible, by preferred, by views, by whatever. With the tool, you choose your resort and then the type room you want and it’ll show you all the rooms that match what you chose.


Then there is a cool feature where you click a button, and when the time is right, like five days before you go on your trip, they will send a message to Disney, to the people that actually choose the rooms you’re going to stay in, and tell them you need, and that you want this particular room. It works pretty well. I hear about 70% of the time it works.


Dad’s Touringplans page



Dad’s Bottom Line

There’s several ways you can do it. You need to call Thomas Cook first and then you go from there. I would do it as many ways as possible. Call Thomas Cook (or your travel agent). Send Disney a message through My Disney Experience and try Touringplans. Yes, it’s overkill, but I’m a big fan of overkill. Lol.


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