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How does baby swap at Disney World work?


by giovanny
(greenville sc)


Me and my wife will be traveling to Walt Disney World with our 9 month old daughter and I wanted to know how does Baby Swap at Disney World work? Can she stay with us in lines even on the thrill rides? Can we all stay together until one gets on the ride? We all want to be together as much as possible and we don’t want to have to wait outside for each other alone.


Strollers lined up aren't needed for a Baby Swap at Disney World

You’ll want one of these even if you don’t do a Baby Swap at Disney World Photo by Joe Shalabotnik

Dad’s nine months, glad it’s not me Answer




Maybe I’m getting old (maybe?), but I’m glad I don’t have to worry about taking an infant to Walt Disney World, but that doesn’t help you any. On to your question …


Baby Swap at Disney World is one of the neatest things Disney does. If you don’t know what “Baby Swap” is, let me explain.


On the rides where a child is too small or too young to ride, Disney offers families a “Baby Swap” option. What generally happens (it varies by the ride) is one adult rides the ride while the other waits at a designated point. When the first rider completes the ride they return to designated point and “swap” the baby. Then the other adult rides the ride and the family is reunited at the exit.


Baby Swap is not advertised by Disney but it is available at all of the “wild” rides. It’s not just for babies, but for any child that can’t or won’t go on an attraction.


Make sure when you get to the entrance to the ride (right at the front) let the Cast Member know you are planning to Baby Swap. They will walk you through the process with a smile.

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Giovanni, no one should have to stay by themselves for too long (about the length of the ride). Baby Swap was designed for families just like yours. I hope you have a great time.


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Comments for

May 22, 2015 May 11, 2015 Baby Swap for Grown Mentally disabled Child
by: Anonymous I want to return back and be fair and let you know that a Disneyworld rep made three contacts with me as well as emailed me back after I sent a letter and an email to them reporting my problems at Disneyworld.

They took my problems with the fairness of our treatment with my adult daughter who is disabled seriously and wanted to listen for more than an hour on how I think it could be made better for people like her. Keep in mind that it wasn’t about trying to put her in the front of the line as much as just keeping her in the place she earned in the line w/her fast pass just like the ones that everyone else gets.

He was sincere and I can’t leave my comments here in good conscious without coming back and telling you that they really wanted to help me and to let me know that they do not want us to feel unwanted.

May 11, 2015 Baby Swap for Grown Mentally disabled Child
by: Anonymous Tried “baby swapping” there were no smiles and no one willing to let us do it. We got to ride one ride at the Magic Kingdom that day and that was that.

We were told that the park is really meant for only young children and we would not be allowed to do a baby swap with our adult who cannot be left alone. Instead, they wanted the other parent to go outside and wait in the line that we just got out of that was for 45 minutes.

I explained that the waiting twice with nothing to do would upset the autistic adult so the second parent would have to just give up and not do it and he smiled real big and told me again that it was their policy to not accommodate us with adult children with disabilities.

At the Animal Kingdom, we were boarding the Safari ride when the worker noticed that my daughter has a somewhat lame leg that sort of drags her stride and the worker looked behind her and told the people behind us that since we weren’t moving fast enough, just get in front of them.

So much for Magical. I complained and we were told that we made this up about the worker in the Animal Kingdom and that there has never been anything such as a baby swap and that it probably is something that Universal has instead.

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