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How does Dad celebrate a big birthday? Mmmm…

by Dad
(The Office)

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I guess it’s inevitable. We all get older right? On the penultimate day of this year I have a big round number birthday, and as Mrs. Mom says, “if you don’t know the number before the zero, you don’t need too”. Lol.

The big question is how does Dad’s celebrate big round number birthday? Nope.

What to do for a Round Number Birthday?


Yes, there will be a lot of candles

For about a year, Mrs. Mom and I have been trying to come up with a plan to celebrate our big round number birthdays. (Her birthday is in March.) We’ve talked about going on a month long car tour of the West Coast visiting Disneyland and watching lots of baseball games, which sounds fun, but… We considered doing a once in a lifetime Europe vacation (very pricey). We had all kinds of ideas, but none of them really caught our fancy.

Each idea had a few days where it sounded good, but the luster quickly faded and off to the next idea we went.

The Solution

Fireworks on a Disney Cruise Ship

Fireworks? For me? How thoughtful! – Photo by Brett Svenson

We had put the trip thing on the back burner for a while. We both got busy with other things. Then on the second of July, I really got a bee in my bonnet (bonnets really aren’t very comfortable with bees in them…) and thought I only turn (whatever age it is) once. It’s a really big deal. I wanted a big celebration. Fireworks, big dinner, shows, celebrations, the whole works. So I walked into Mrs. Mom’s office and said, I want to go to Disney World for my birthday.

She looked at me with total shock and fear on her face. Do you know how busy it will be? Yes. Will they have fireworks on your birthday? Yes. When is ADR day? Isn’t it like today? Tomorrow. Do you know how crowded it will be? Yes. ARE YOU NUTS? Probably. You’ve said a thousand times you never want to go to WDW on your birthday because of the crowds!!! I know. HAVE YOU GONE TOTALLY CRAZY? Do I really have to answer that?

Then she calmed down just a little and said, very innocently, how about a Disney Cruise instead?

It took my brain a whole 7 seconds to process what she just said (which is a really, really long time for me). Mmmmmm, a Disney Cruise. Let me think. That’s a great idea. Let’s see what’s available.

And for the next hour or so we played find a Disney Cruise for Dad’s birthday. It took that long until we had the winner, winner, chicken dinner. Houston, we have a winner. (No not a problem but a winner.)

Dad’s Disney Cruise page

Can the Kids Come?

So the next hurdle was to find out if they kids could all get off and come along. It would be no fun celebrating my, big round number birthday that if you don’t know the first number you don’t need too, without the kids.

So off we went to contact the kids. The Man-Child and his Southern Belle were the first to respond that they were in. The Princess and Prince Charming had to check with work the next day but was pretty sure that they would be available.

Get it Booked

OK, time to make reservations. I quickly sent a message over to Destinations to Travel and we got busy booking the trip. I wanted to do this quickly because the cruise we picked was almost sold out. There were 3 rooms together just where we wanted them and I wanted to make sure we snagged them quickly.

Yes, I know I could book everything myself, I’m perfectly capable. In fact, I’ve been a Travel Agent and have booked a bunch of cruises, but I still use Destinations to Travel for all of my trips. And it came in really handy this time (we’ll talk about that in a later post).

I am a VERY firm believer in using a GOOD Disney Travel Agent for any Disney trip and Destinations to Travel is the BEST Disney Travel Agency I know (and I know pretty much all of them).

Enough of the commercial, but if you’re going on a Disney Vacation give Destinations to Travel a try. Trust me. They’ll take great care of you.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

Now for a Name

In my book Dad’s Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning I talk about the importance of having a name for each trip. It gives the trip a purpose. So the next thing we did was to start talking about a name for the cruise.

Mrs. Mom always comes up with very descriptive names. Here suggestion went something like Dad and Mrs. Mom’s big round number birthday celebration to the Caribbean… (At that point I lost interest and quit listening but I think there was something about kids and the Fantasy, and New Years, and Palo, and relaxing… You get the idea.)

The Princess came up with Dad and Mrs. Mom’s Big Round Number Birthday Cruise which has pretty much been what we’ve stuck with. I wanted to add Palooza in there somewhere but everyone said, been there done that, try something new.

Me, I’m still working on a name. I know, it’s only, let me check my Disney Cruise app, 52 days or so to our cruise, but who’s counting (we all are). Kinda time to figure this name thing out.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is Dad is going on a big Disney Cruise in December. It’s going to be epic. Over the next 7+ weeks I’ll be giving you some of the details and we’ll talk a lot more about it when we get back, I’m sure.

If you have any ideas about a name for our trip, please put them in the comments below. I need some help.


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Comments for

Nov 13, 2018 how about…
by: Anonymous

Dad’s and Mrs. Mom’s Big Zero Celebration Cruise!

You know what Dad, you can pick any name you want, it’s your birthday gifts to one another and you get to choose.

Either way, enjoy and many happy returns!

Nov 12, 2018 Name this cruise!
by: WiTravelnut

I like…
Big (insert age here) Birthday Bash on Disney’s (insert ship name here)!

Nov 11, 2018 It’s your big birthday
by: Disney Diva Mom

Since it’s your special birthday you should be able to call it whatever floats your boat! See what I did there?!
How about Dad and Mrs Moms big ?0th magical family CruisaPalooza?!

Nov 11, 2018 I’m jealous🤣
by: Georgina

That sounds like a great way to celebrate your big round number birthday! It combines all the best things in life….Disney, cruising, and your family!

Nov 09, 2018 Have a great party
by: Scooter Ma

Well here are a couple thoughts
The BIG-O Float Party
Dad & Mrs Mom’s Monster Splash Party

Dad Answers

I like the way you’re thinking.

Nov 09, 2018 Enjoy
by: William Gavin

Happy birthday!! Enjoy your trip. Cannot wait to hear all about it.

Nov 09, 2018 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
by: Dawn

Trip title suggestions THE ROUND ONE….that’s it.Have a very happy birthday trip!! to you and Mrs Mom!…

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