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How Does Memory Maker Work?

by Bill / Beth

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This week, Dad got two questions about using the professional photographers in the parks, so to make sure everyone’s on the same page, I’ll answer them both at once.

Bill asks, If I purchase Memory Maker for my package and am paying for two other packages for the rest of my family (11) people in total do I have to get memory maker for the other two packages?

And Beth Asks, Is is possible to compare the cost of Memory Maker to purchasing pictures individually? How many individual pictures can you purchase for the cost of a Memory Maker package?

There’s a lot of confusion around Memory Maker and PhotoPass these days, so Dad’s here to clear things up!

Dad’s Say Cheese Answer

Bill, great question, and one I’ve never had before! But don’t worry, Dad’s got you covered with all the info you need about your Memory Maker purchase.

Memory Maker

First question – did you make the reservations at the same time? If so, they should be linked together. When Mrs. Mom and I took our kids and their spouses to WDW for our Palooza in 2014, even though we all had different rooms and arrival dates, our party’s reservations were linked so we could make Advanced Dining Reservations or FastPass+ reservations together.

If you booked each package separately, you can give Disney a call and have the reservations linked together (or if you’re working with a good Disney travel agent like Destinations to Travel they can do if for you – free of charge!). That way Disney knows that all the packages belong to the same reservation.

Once all that is said and done, you should be able to see and download all of your parties’ photos with just one Memory Maker purchase. This is straight from the WDW website:

“Download Family & Friends Photos
You can not only download your own Disney PhotoPass photos, but also those of Family & Friends who share media with you. So with just one purchase of Memory Maker, you could get all the Disney PhotoPass photos of everyone in your travel party.”

Let me know how it all works out!

Family Pose

Brett and Lynn pose with their family at the Magic Kingdom – PhotoPass image

And Beth, just as I always advise families to weigh their options on getting the Disney Dining Plan or paying out of pocket for all meals and snacks, it’s a good idea to consider your budget and travel style when it comes to purchasing photos from the park.

Are you a family that likes having LOTS of photos to remember your vacation by, or do you prefer to have a few special pictures? If you want a lot, you sound like a good candidate for Memory Maker – OR using your own camera to take most of the pictures and then purchasing a few that are really special. If you only want a few pictures, individual purchasing is the way to go.

Memory Maker is a deluxe version of the PhotoPass service. With Photopass, you can have as many pictures as you like taken, and view them after you vacation. Then you can choose to buy photos individually for $14.99 – that gets you a digital download of the file, but if you want printed copies, t-shirts, mouse pads, coffee mugs, etc. that’s an extra cost.

With Memory Maker, you can have all the photos you want taken, and you get all the downloads automatically. Plus, you get dining photos at certain restaurants and on-ride photos at specific attractions. The advance purchase cost is $169.99, so if you want 12 or more photos, that’s a better deal! Just like with Photopass, if you want special print items, that’s an additional cost.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Bill and Beth, Memory Maker and PhotoPass both provide great options for having professional photos taken of your family in the parks. By doing your research on how to make these services work best for your family, you’ll save lots of time, stress, and money later!

Comments for

Feb 03, 2017 Memory maker after the trip?
by: Mattu

Hello Dad! Can we purchase the Memory maker after the trip? I’m back home and realized I have many photos to download, more than 12! Thank you so much!!

Dad’s Answer

The simple answer is yes you can. If there are pictures in your account you will be able to download them when you purchase.

Aug 25, 2015 Memory Maker
by: Bill

Thank you Dad.

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