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How does the Quick Service Dining Plan work?

by Dad
(The Office)


We are talking this month about the Disney Dining Plan. This week it’s time to talk about how the Quick Service Dining Plan works.


Inquiring minds want to know.

What is Quick Service


Be Our Guest is a very unique Quick Service Restaurant

Be Our Guest can be a little spooky – Photo by Rich Ramos


First thing I think we need to talk about is what is a Quick Service restaurant. The difference between a Quick Service restaurant and a Table Service restaurant is that a Quick Service restaurant is where you go to a counter to order, and then either pick up your food there at the counter or sit down and have it delivered to you. (Be Our Guest is currently the only Quick Service restaurant where the food is brought to your table.)


In a Table Service restaurant, you are escorted to your table, you sit down, and somebody comes and takes your order. Another difference is that at Quick Service restaurants you pay before your meal, whereas at a Table Service restaurant they bring you your bill at the end of the meal. Those are the basic differences between Table Service and Quick Service meals.

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What you get on the Quick Service Plan


A couple of macaroni hot dogs from Casey's Corner

You might get a macaroni hot dog – Photo by Wayne Wood


What do you get when you are on the Quick Service Dining Plan? The Quick Service Plan allows you to have two Quick Service meals, and two snack credits per person per day.


You might be thinking, Dad, what does a Quick Service credit get you? Good question. You get an entrée or complete combo meal and a beverage at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. So say we’re talking about an entrée. That could be something like a salad that has meat in it, like a chicken Caesar salad or something like that.


A combo meal, on the other hand would be something you could get at Casey’s Corner for example, where you get the hot dog and fries. The fries come in the combo meal. So you would get either the entrée, which doesn’t come with a side, or the combo meal, which does come with a side.

What are Snacks?


You might need a Dole Whip or 5

Dad’s favorite snack is… – Photo by Dad


Now, what are snacks? Snacks are typically an item that costs about $5 and are an individual serving. Something like an ice cream bar is a snack, drinks can count as a snack, cupcakes, cookies and pretzels usually count as snacks, just to give you an idea.”


On the menu at the restaurant snacks will be designated by the purple Disney Dining Plan logo next to the item on the menu.

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Specialty Drinks

One of the things that happened in 2018 is that alcoholic drinks included on the Disney Dining Plan can now be alcoholic beverages if you’re over 21. Also, certain non-alcoholic specialty drinks are also available if you’re not a drinker or under the age of 21. These include milkshakes, special juices and the like. You’ll know what’s included on the Disney Dining Plan when you look at a menus because you’ll see the little Disney Dining Plan icon.

How to use the Quick Service Dining Plan


A quick service meal from the Earl of Sandwich

Here’s what you get at Earl of Sandwich – Photo by Cliff Wang

So how do you use the Disney Quick Service Dining Plan? If you’re ordering a meal, you go up to the ordering counter and they’ll usually ask you, “are you on the Dining Plan?” You’ll say, “Yes, I’m on the Dining Plan,” then you’ll scan your Magic Band. Boom, done.


If you’re getting a snack it works the same way. You just walk up to the counter, order what you want, tell them you’re on the Quick Service Dining Plan, then swipe your Magic Band to pay. There, that’s it.


You can also pay for other people with your credits. They don’t care who the credits are used for as long as the food is paid for somehow. So say I wanted to buy somebody dinner. I could just say, “Hey, I want to buy that person dinner,” and I could pay for their dinner using my Disney Dining Plan credits. So you can pay for others using the Dining Plan.

Child’s Credits


Trent looks so cute with his Mickey Waffle

Trent looks so cute with his Mickey Waffle – Photo by Brett Svenson

Now let’s talk about children. Children three through nine must order from the child’s menu. Well, that’s what it says on the Disney website. However, the little caveat to that is when credits are put into your Magic Band they aren’t listed as adult or children. So if you have an eight-year-old that wants to order off the adult menu, the Dining Plan is not going to know.


If you’re a rule follower like Dad, children are supposed to order off the children’s menu. But since Disney won’t actually know which menu they’re ordering off of, it won’t really matter to them if an eight-year-old orders an adult meal. (This changed on January 1, 2020. Now adults are adults and children are children on the DDP.)

Keeping Track of Credits

If you want to keep track of your Dining Plan credits you can do that by looking on your meal receipt. The receipt will have your credits listed. You can also look on My Disney Experience. You can also go to a concierge desk at your hotel or guest relations and check with them.

Meal for Snack Credits

One Quick Service meal credit can be exchanged for three snacks. You can turn a $20 meal into a $15 pile of snacks just like that. Disney doesn’t care. But do the math. You’re way better off using those meal credits for an actual meal, since most snack’s aren’t worth more than $5. If you exchange one meal credit into three $5 snacks, you’re essentially handing Disney the difference in cost.

The Fine Print

You can exchange a quick-service meal for snacks. Limited substitutions are also available. Say soup for a desert. There’s some places where you can make those kinds of substitutions, but you’ll have to ask at the counter.


Also, as we talked about last week, everybody in your room has to be on the Disney Dining Plan. You have to be staying in a Disney hotel, everybody in your room has to be on the Dining Plan, and it has to be for the length of your stay. Those are requirements for the Dining Plan.


Your Quick Service Plan is going to be for the length of stay and you’re going to get two Quick Service meals and two snack credits per person per day plus a refillable mug you can use for the length of your stay.”


See more about the Disney Dining Plan at

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Dad’s Bottom Line

So the bottom line is the Quick-Service Dining Plan is available for people that want to eat at Quick Service restaurants. The restaurants where you go and order at a counter. You get two meals and two snacks per person per night, and it’s just real easy to use.


Have you ever used the Quick Service Dining Plan? What did you think? Tell me below in the comments. I’d love to know.


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Comments for

May 19, 2019 Printable lists
by: Bette Do you have printable lists of fast passes and quick service dining restaurants in each park?

Dad Answers

Sorry, not yet.

May 10, 2019 My Disney Ap
by: Geri Where do you find how many. Refits you have on the Ap? We check in in 9 days but Inlike to be super prepared 😎

Jan 17, 2019 Dining Plan
by: Momof2Girls We are not staying in any of the Disney Resorts.. we rented a house in Kissimmee… we plan to visit 3 – 4 parks during our week long stay… is it worth us buying a dining plan?

Dad Answers

Only Disney Resort guests are eligible for the Disney Dining Plan. You won’t be able to.

Apr 11, 2018 Question on meal plan
by: Jamie We arrive late on Sunday and are staying at the resorts. Will we have to have a meal plan on Sunday?? Or, would it start on Monday morning?

Myself, my husband, and my 5 year are going. I am not sure if it will be cost effective to do the meal plan for us or go a la carte. When we went last year, we thought the portions were pretty big that we ended up getting 2 meals and sharing everything. I would love to hear your advice? I’m just not sure if $120 a day for the 3 of us is cost effective or if we will end up spending more going a la carte? Thank you.

Dad Answers


Your credits start on the day you check in. So the would be available on Sunday even if you arrive at midnight. So whatever date is on your reservation for checkin that’s when the credits start.

As to whether it would be worth it, I don’t know all your details, but if you share meals, if you don’t use all the credits, then no. It’s not worth it. My guess is you’ll save money by paying directly and not using the Disney Dining Plan.

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