How long can you stay in the reef tank at Typhoon Lagoon?

Reef Tank at Typhoon Lagoon

Fish in the Reef Tank at Typhoon Lagoon
Photo by Miss Shari

Dad’s it depends on the crowds Answer

How long? “I said How Long” Sing with me now “How Long to the point of no return. No return … No return …” (Dad sings so good.)

Point of Know Return - The Best of Kansas

The reef tank at Typhoon Lagoon is really cool. You can swim with the sharks. Yes, there really are sharks in those waters. Along with lots of other fishies.

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(The sharks are only about 3 feet long and aren’t a threat to humans.)

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When you get to Sharks Reef you’ll be outfitted with a snorkle, fins, masks and a lifejacket and when it’s your turn you get to swim across the reef. There are lanes you swim in.

If there aren’t a lot of guests waiting, you can take your time. When there are a lot of people waiting the lifeguards will prompt you to move along. If you still move too slow they will give you a little more encouragement.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

This actually happened to us when the Princess was little. We were encouraged to pick up the pace and dear ole Dad had to help our little angel move a little faster. (Or it might have been the other way, I don’t remember.)

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