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How long will it take to get to ‘Ohana?

by Jan

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Hi Dad!

Our family of 10 will be going to Disney World the week of April 15th 2018. We would like to see the parade in Magic Kingdom and then go to ‘Ohana for dinner. If the parade is at 3:00 what is the earliest dining reservation we should make?

How long will it take us to get to ‘Ohana from the Magic Kingdom after the parade? There were no available reservations for ‘Ohana but I have some alerts set up. I just don’t want to get too early of a reservation. The parade is something on our must see list.

Thank you!

Dad LOVES ‘Ohana

The entrance to 'Ohana

How long does it take to get here? – Photo by Brett Svenson

Hi Jan, thanks for the question. As you may know, I love ‘Ohana. It’s my favorite restaurant at Walt Disney World. I could eat there every day. Meat on sticks… Yummy.

Dad’s ‘Ohana page

But that doesn’t answer your question now does it?

How long will it take to get to ‘Ohana

Getting from the Magic Kingdom to ‘Ohana is fairly easy. You have a few options. You can ride the monorail, you can take the resort launch (the little boat), or you can even take the big ferry boat and walk from the Transportation and Ticket Center.

For most of the day it really doesn’t matter which one you take, but after the afternoon parade all of the options are going to be packed. You’ll have to check all 3 but my guess is the launch will be the quickest.

How long will it take? It depends on where you watch the parade from. If you’re back in Frontierland it’s going to take longer than if you’re on Main Street. That makes sense because Main Street is a lot closer to the entrance than Frontierland and you’ll have to deal with big crowds coming from Frontierland.

Overall, I would allow an hour to get from the Magic Kingdom to ‘Ohana. That should be enough no matter which option you end up taking and if you get there early you have some time to explore Dad’s favorite hotel.

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Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is it will take about an hour at parade time to get from the Magic Kingdom to ‘Ohana. During non-parade time, I’d allow 45 minutes.


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