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How many days in each park?

by Dawn Cavett

(Newcastle, ok)

How many days would you consider for each park? We will hopefully be attending an taekwondo function that will only take two days but wonder realistically how many days to set aside for each park, or if we have to choose etc. Thanks.

Dad’s Insightful Answer


Finally a question from a fellow Oklahoman.

Here’s the breakdown on what you should plan for each park.

Destinations to Travel


The Magic Kingdom takes a day and a half to see everything. EPCOT takes a very full day, and sometimes (depending on the crowds) you might not see everything. Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom take a little less than a full day.

Dad’s Bottom Line

This assumes that you don’t spend a lot of time chasing autographs, and standing in line, but it’s not a breakneck pace. It also assumes your not talking about Christmas or New Years weeks.

Hope that helps.

Comments for How many days in each park?

Jan 06, 2011

How long in each park.

by: Anonymous

I am not sure that I would agree with your assessment of timing here, but to be fair you have made some caveats. In reality there are loads of factors influencing how long you need in each park, but if you want to do everything, including the characters you are likely to need more time. Particularly if you want to maintain a relaxed (ish) pace to your holiday!

As a regular visitor from the UK, we have the benefit of unlimited Park Access for 2 or 3 weeks and if gives the freedom of spending more time to see the parks properly. There are so many things beyond the rides that miss from a single day visit only doing the big attractions.

If you have the luxury of time I would recommend 2 or 3 days at the MK. A day and a half at EPCOT. 2 days at DHS and a day at the AK. This also means that you get to the best rides more than once as you get the benefit of early hours crowdlessnes.

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