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How much does it cost day

Okay, time to have some fun. Today we get to play … (sing with me …)

How much does it cost, I’ll buy it … (Dad sings so good!)

How much does it cost

The next step in our budgeting is looking to see if we can afford our Perfect Vacation. We’ve figured out what we can spend so today we get to play and figure out what’s our trip is going to cost. This is fun.

How can we figure what it’s going to cost? Easy, just ask Disney. Yep, we’re going to go to Disney’s page and use it to get an idea of what to expect to pay for our trip. (PLEASE, DON’T BUY FROM DISNEY YET. We’ll look at finding the best place to book our trip in a couple of weeks.)

Go to (I have a real hard time doing this) the Disney World Website. On the left side of the page you should see a box that says Price Your Vacation. Click on that. Then fill in the information (if your trip is in a future year, use this years price and inflate it about 10%).

Go ahead and click the box that says Include Dining Plan. Yes, Dad doesn’t recommend the Disney Dining Plan, but right now we are just getting a ballpark figure of what it will cost for our trip. We’ll get to the actual best price in a few weeks. This way we have a general idea of what food is going to cost.

OK, we’ve hit enter and now we have some more work to do. If you are flying, go ahead and scroll down and look at the price of flights. Make sure when you are selecting flights that you look at the times. The default flight for our trip  was arriving in Orlando at 11:55 pm which might be fine if you have to work and are traveling after work, but we want to get there ASAP.  Also if you get in late in the day, and/or leave early in the morning make sure to adjust your tickets.

So now we have a ballpark price on oops, almost forgot … Dad always recommends a car at Disney World (this is Dad’s preference, skip it if you’re on a budget) so make sure to chose “Choose Ground” and click on the rental car button.

So now we have a basic price on what it’s going to cost and we let Disney do all the work. Simple.

Yes, yes, yes. I hear your questions. Just a minute, let me bask in my own glory for a minute … Ahhhh!

Ok, your questions …

But Dad, I’m not planning to stay in a Disney Hotel what do I do?

Mmmm, my first inclination is to say, in the immortal words of one of my all time favorite characters Foghorn Leghorn – “Go away son, you’re bothering me”. But I won’t. If you aren’t staying at a Disney Hotel, you have a bit more work to do. Go to (Dad’s hotel friends) and get a price on your hotel,  go to the Dad’s Orlando flights page and get an airline price and go to Dad’s Ticket partner and get ticket prices if you need a car you can get car prices from the car companies. Use Disney’s Dining Plan prices to estimate food costs.

But Dad, I’m adding a Disney Cruise what do I do?

Wait until Friday (tomorrow). That’s the topic for Disney Cruise Friday.

Any other questions? Yes, you there at the computer …

But Dad, that price seems real high, is that really the price I’m gonna pay?

Probably not, right now we are just doing a rough budget to see if we can afford to go, or if we will have to (like Auntie Duckie reminded me) have to put off our trip until next year when we can save up some more money or we have to figure out a way to come up with the extra money somewhere.

Other questions?

Hey Dad, didn’t you forget something?

I’m not finished yet, so no, I didn’t forget anything. It’s true that I didn’t talk about souvenirs and spending money. So add in what you think you would spend. We’ll talk about the reality of that later. Remember, things cost more at Disney World than they do in the real world and someone will always want a cool Tigger hat or something. So throw in a bit for souvenirs and miscellaneous items.

Yes, Dad should have a nice spreadsheet for you to fill out that will magically fill in all the numbers for you, but then what fun would you have. Create your own and share it with us. Dad’s a bit tired of doing all the work around here (just kidding).

Dad’s Bottom Line

We’ve put together a rough budget. It includes a price for airfare, hotels, tickets, food, rental car and extras. That ought to get us off to a good start. How does that compare to yesterdays number? Are we on track or will we be holding the mother of all garage sales soon?

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      I love the Dining Plan when it’s free. Otherwise I think it’s an evil plot by Disney to steal your money. It’s my opinion that over 50% of guests lose money when using the DDP. For example, The Princess and her Prince Charming on their honeymoon got the DDP for free. On their last day, they didn’t have time to eat their last table service meal because they had to catch the bus to the airport. Just that one meal alone would have meant they lost money if they had been paying for their plan.

      I also think even if you use all your credits, you might lose money. Some of the restaurants included are cheap enough that if you eat there you won’t make out.

      Then there is the problem of the mix of meals. We don’t always want a sit down meal every day, but we do eat 3 or 4 on a 6 day trip. That doesn’t work with the dining plan.

      I just don’t think it’s a good deal for most guests. I know, most people love it, but if you do the math, you might not.

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    Crystal posted a good point over at The Facebook Page. She said –

    Don’t forget the cost of any extra parties like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and thing like the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, those are the things that I originally forgot about that surprised me, but they are also just “extras”. This is fun Dad, thanks!

    Good point Crystal, thanks.

  2. One thing I like to do for a cost saver on tickets is to uncheck the water parks & more option. We prefer the magic during the cooler months & we spend all our time at the four theme parks anyway. I do however prefer the park hopper option which is an add on cost.

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