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How much money do I need?

by Katie
(Fairborn Ohio USA)

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“Hi, Dad!

Would you say for 2 adults going to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, $500 would be enough to take with you? My husband and I DO have the meal plan. Please, and thank you so much!

-The Roles Family”

It’s Depends

Roles Family…



So how much money do you need? That’s a really hard question to answer. There are a few question you need to think about as you PLAN your money.

  • Are you big spenders?
  • Might you buy a lot of souvenirs?
  • How many days are you going to be there?
  • Are you eating at expensive restaurants (tips)?Do you want to pay all cash, or will you use Credit or Gift cards?
  • Do you have meals planned that won’t be on the Disney Dining Plan?

If you are going for 3 or 4 days, $500 should probably work. Longer than that, you should look at the questions above and maybe adjust.

Never Enough

Whatever you take, it’s probably not enough. Lol. Disney has a way of getting into your wallet and totally emptying it. They’re really good at it.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is watching your spending is a great idea. A good way to do that is to limit the amount of cash you take. If you are wise with your spending $500 should be enough.


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