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How much money to take to Disney World?

by janine
(puerto rico)

How much money do you have to take to Disney World if you don’t have a dining plan??

Dad’s the hardest question ever Answer


Thank you for the question. It may be the hardest question I’ve ever been asked. How much money does it take at Disney World? That depends on your spending plans.

If you eat cheaply, and don’t spend any money on souvenirs, you can probably make it on about $50.00 or so per adult per day. That’s all quick service meals and not a lot of snacks. If you want to have one nice meal a day, that will probably go up to about $70.00 per adult per day.

Children can figure about $30.00 per day for the quick service meals and $40.00 per day for table service meals.

I know some of you out there are shouting at your computers. Dad you aren’t fond of the Dining Plans, but you tell someone they need to take more than the Dining plan costs. What’s up with that? Glad you asked.

The Disney Quick Service Dining plan and the Disney Dining Plan only cover 2 meals per day. Plus the Dining Plans don’t include tips. So if the Quick Service Dining Plan costs $34.95 per day for 2 meals and 2 snacks, it just makes sense that you’re going to need to take a little more money than that. So there.

Souvenirs – You can spend any amount from $0.00 to thousands of dollars on souvenirs. That’s entirely up to you.

I hoped that helped Janine.

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