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How much of Fantasyland will be open in August 2012?

by Vanessa H
(San Antonio, TX)


I am planning a second trip to Walt Disney World and want to know how much of Fantasyland will be open in August 2012?

Dad’s not very much, but some Answer


Vanessa, it’s nice to hear from you again! Fantasyland is the perfect way to start your day at the Magic Kingdom! It’s full of classic attractions (many designed by Uncle Walt himself) designed to transport you into realm of whimsical adventure. I’m thrilled that the new expansion will double the size of this magical land, giving guests even more to experience.


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Spectacular as Fantasyland is, after 40 years it deserves a little middle-aged makeover, which is exactly what it’s getting with the new Fantasyland expansion.


The construction is well underway, and the first glimpses of mountains, trees, and various structures can be seen peeking over the fencing at the back of the current Fantasyland border. Mickey’s Toontown Fair has been permanently removed to make way for the upgrade, which is the largest expansion in the history of the Magic Kingdom.


Rumors have been flying for years and the publicized plans have changed several times, but now things are on track and new attractions are set to open in stages over the next two years.


So Dad, does this mean the new Fantasyland will be open during my vacation in August 2012?


Well… yes. And no. See, as I mentioned, the new attractions will be opening in stages. The first attractions will open early in 2012 and you’ll definitely get to experience them in the summer. This includes the first half of the new Storybook Circus section, featuring the Great Goofini (previously The Barnstormer), The Fantasyland Train Station (formerly Mickey’s Toontown Fair Train Station ), Casey Jr. and the Dueling Dumbos .


Scheduled to open in late 2012 are the Be Our Guest Restaurant, Under the Sea: The Voyage of the Little Mermaid, the Cinderella Castle wall and Belle’s Meet and Great area. Unless construction schedules are months ahead, these won’t be up and running in time for your trip.


Throughout 2013, Pete’s Silly Slideshow and the other half of Storybook Circus will open, followed by the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.


In addition to the elimination of Mickey’s Toontown Fair, Snow White’s Scary Adventures will be removed – though it may still be open during your trip (a closure date has not yet been announced).


Now, with new attractions come crowds eager to see what all the fuss is about, so there will likely be longer-than-average lines for the new rides. But that’s okay, just head on over to – they’ll help sort you out with info on the best days and times to visit the parks, suggested touring plans to avoid the crowds, and even a mobile app to help you keep track of the lines while you’re in the parks!


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Dad’s Bottom Line


Vanessa, the new Fantasyland sounds great . I’m really excited to see it myself. Although not all of the new attractions will be open for your visit, you’ll get a glimpse of what’s to come. And just think – it’s a great excuse to plan another trip in a few years!


PS. Why not let Shannon and her gang at Destinations to Travel help you make your reservations. Her Disney Vacation Planners will help you create the best vacation possible. It will be Perfect.


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