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How much spending money will we need?


by Sharon
(N’Ireland )


Hi my name is Sharon, I am from N’Ireland and my family and I are planing our first ever holiday to Disney world in August this year. We will be staying for 7 nights, there is 5 of us going. My husband and I, our 2 boys & our little girl ages 11, 7 & 5. Our hotel, flights and park tickets are all paid for but what I was wondering was roughly how much spending money would we need to take for food, drinks etc. Thanks🙂



How much spending money do you need to get a Mickey Bar?

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Dad’s you probably can’t bring enough Answer




Howdy (that’s how we say hello in Oklahoma), thanks for a great question. Not knowing you it will be hard to give you a definitive answer, but hey, I’ll give it a shot.


How much spending money you need depends on your spending habits. If you are the kind to spend money at every gift shop, if you like to go shopping and buying, you need to bring a lot more money than if you are frugal.


Here are some examples – a soft drink costs just under $3. A Mickey Ice Cream Bar costs around $3.50. Snacks range from a couple of dollars upwards to $5.00. (Our favorite is crepes in EPCOT which cost $4.)


Souvenir prices vary widely. You can literally spend thousands of dollars on Disney souvenirs (and Disney makes it real easy too spend money). There are gift shops everywhere you look. This is where having a PLAN that everyone is in agreement with before you arrive is essential.


Give your children (and you and your husband) a set amount that they can spend for souvenirs. Give them that money and let them spend it however they want. If, like The Man-Child, they blow it on Turkey Legs, that’s OK. No questions asked, but once it’s gone, it’s gone.


You might have to hold it for them, but it’s their money. Let them spend it, but don’t give them any more. It’s a good way to teach them the value of money and some responsibility.


We give our kids $10 per day. That’s it.


I’d figure with snacks and souvenirs a “typical” family of 5 would spend about $75 per day in extras. (This includes a shirt or two to take home.)


Meals are a whole other subject. A meal at Walt Disney World can be a cheap as a hot dog at Casey’s Corner which would be less than $10 each all the way up to Victoria and Albert’s which would run up to $200 per person.


You can use the Disney Dining Plan prices as a general base for the costs of Disney food. The Quick Service Plan costs $34.99 per adult per day and $11.99 for a child. That gives you 2 meals and a snack. That’s only for the quick meals. If you have any sit down meals that can really bump up the prices.


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Dad’s Bottom Line


Sharon, the bottom line is you’ll need at least $150 per day for meals, snacks and spending money. I’d probably budget $200. (That’s for the whole family.) You could get by on less, but it’s always better to have to much than not enough.


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May 02, 2012 This is the Princess
by: Princesss Mom and Dad-

If I remember right, you did not give us money on our last trip. You did let us charge to the room though. That makes up for it.


May 01, 2012 Daily Spending Money
by: Mrs. Mom We gave our kids $5 in Disney Dollars each day and I don’t think we ever gave them charging privileges on their room keys. Did we when they were 23 and 18?

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