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How the Disney Skyliner Works

by Al VanOsten
(Pennsburg, PA)

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“Hi Dad. It appears they’ve uncovered the new gondolas for final testing. Do you have any idea how these are going to work in a practical sense? Will they be continuous loading (like the People Mover), or will they be stopping every few feet while the next car loads? Also, continuous loop, or do you have to “change routes” if you’re going to HS and then EPCOT?”

It Looks So Cool

Hi Al,

I do know a little about how the Gondola’s/Disney Skyliner is going to work. It’s pretty cool.

First off, I’ve got to say, the Skyliner just looks so cool. I love the cabs that have been unveiled. All the characters, Star Wars, Tower of Terror. Really cool.

Continuous Loading

The Disney Skyliner has a continuous loading system.Yes, like Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Your cab will arrive (it will be moving slowly) and you will step right on and sit down and off you will go.

Changing Directions

Each loop is independent. There are 2 loops. The main loop goes from the Pop Century/Art of Animation to the Caribbean Beach Resort’s main terminal, then to the Rivera Resort and ends at EPCOT’s International Gateway. The second loop goes from the Caribbean Beach Resort’s main terminal to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

You will have to get out and walk over to the second loop (or vice versa) to transfer to/from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s kind of like the Transportation and Ticket Center monorails.

Wheelchairs and Scooters

For those needing assistance in boarding there will be a separate line that will give more time and assistance.

No Air Conditioning

I’m not really sure about this “passive ventilation” thing. That sound an awful lot like no air conditioning at all. How is 95° degree air going to cool anything? Seems like this has been tried before (Mark VI monorails). Didn’t work then… Just saying.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

I can’t wait to try the Disney Skyliner early some morning. It’s really cool, but it probably won’t so cool in the afternoons if you know what I mean.

The Skyliner will be really easy to get around in. Just get on and in a few minutes you’ll be there. It’s really Simple. Probably a lot of Fun and sometimes even a little Magic.


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