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How to become a Disney travel agent?

by Rae


I love reading your site, and I think that it would be fair to say that I love Walt Disney World as much as you do. My husband and I were just wondering how could I become a Disney World Travel so I could put my obsession with Disney to good use? I’m not currently a travel agent, but I do have a bachelor’s degree. Any advice? Thanks a ton!


Find out all you can about the Polynesian Resort to become a Disney World Travel Agent

Become a Disney World Travel agent and shine the light … Photo by Don Sullivan

Dad’s it’s not all fun and games Answer




My best advice for you about your desire to become a Disney World Travel Agent is don’t do it. Yes, I’m being a bit facetious, but I’m also a bit serious Let me explain.


The Good Part – being a Disney World Travel Agent means you are always talking about, thinking about reading about the best vacation destination in the solar system. When you go on vacation to Walt Disney World it’s tax deductible research. And the it’s just a lot of fun.


The Bad Part – Disney is your biggest competitor. Disney spends bazillions on advertising every year. They don’t advertise saying contact your travel agent for more details. They say go to our website and book your vacation with us. They also pay less than any other vacation provider commission wise. (Enough whining.)


So how do you go about becoming a Disney World Travel Agent. It’s easy and hard. It’s pretty easy to become a travel agent these days. I won’t go through the whole process but the way I did it was to go to the bookstore and buy a book on how to do it. I found a local agent I could work with and learned the ropes. That’s probably the best way to work through an established agent and let them show you the ropes.


Travel Agents are always looking for good people. To be a good agent you have to have a short memory and be able to sell ice to Eskimos. A Disney World Travel Agent needs to know all about Disney World (like Dad does) and to be able to sell it to others. Can you sell Disney to your friends?

Dad’s Bottom Line


Rae, being a Disney World Travel Agent is hard work. Even the best agencies have about a 10% success rate. You’ll be disappointed just about every day. But it is a whole lot of fun!


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Comments for

Jun 01, 2019 Disney travel agent
by: Anonymous Are you talking about like a CLIA number?

Dad Answers

Yes. That and more.

Jun 01, 2019 Disney Travel Agent
by: Anonymous If you are a current travel agent working under someone else. How do you get your own license to work for your self?I appreciate your feed back!

Dad Answers

You don’t need a license. The problem you’ll have is you need a host. If you can find a host (someone to book through) you can go out on your own.

Nov 26, 2018 Didn’t answer the question
by: Tadpole256 Maybe I missed something, but it seems you did not actually answer the question. You mentioned how to become a travel agent, but the question is how to become a DISNEY travel agent. Also, telling someone to “read a book” isn’t really answer either.Disappointed

Oct 04, 2017 Planner
by: Ruth I am currently planning my Disney holiday and loving it, I eat, live and breathe it! But I have to say if I hadn’t done it before all the research, time etc would be really over whelming, and I know others that have been totally been put off going because of this. I LOVE itSo…

I have been considering in setting up as an “advisor”, not like booking the actual holiday but just help with booking restaurants, fast passes etc, do you think there’s a market for this?

Thanks Ruth

May 05, 2017 Disney at-home planner
by: Anonymous I have no travel agent experience but the love and passion to talk, read and learn about anything Disney. I also would like to be an at-home planner. What should my first step be. Are any of the online programs reputable?My Disney hope….

Dad Answers

I haven’t checked any of the online programs in a long time so I can’t help you there.

You might check with our partners at Destinations to Travel. Destinations to Travel Contact Us page

Jun 27, 2014 Part of a larger agency
by: Anonymous Hi.
I am part of a larger agency and wanting to go off by myself. Can you advice where to begin. I’ve searched but cannot find anything other than joining another agency. Thanks

Dad Answers

There are several big “hosts” that you can join if you’d like to go off on your own. You can also get a CLIA number and try to get in touch with suppliers on your own.

Apr 30, 2013 HELP
by: Anonymous I am currently employed but a large travel agency selling only Disney Destinations. I would like to stop sharing my commision and leave the agency. I do not know where to start. Can anyone help me?

Mar 13, 2013 Great as a side job
by: Anonymous I sell Disney on the side.. Because its my passion. But, just being honest, no matter how good I am.. Most people love the idea of booking it themselves. As the cost is exactly the same either way, it makes it hard to compete. My biggest mistakes have been sharing my wealth of knowledge to folks who “plan” to use me, but end up doing it on line anyway. So, I save the inside tips for after the actual booking! I agree travel is best left to those who understand it but just being for real.. That matters less to people these days and DW spends much in advertising to solidify that concept. It’s a lovely side thing and I get 10 percent off of my own trips.. Which are many! Other then that however… I haven’t quit my day job! I do so love the mouse!!!!

Sep 21, 2011 Hobby? No way!
by: Amanda Joe R,I agree with you. Being a Disney based travel agent is not something you can do as a hobby. Knowing Disney as your product is only a small part of the job. Do I love Disney? Yes. Does that make me a good business person? No.

At Destinations to Travel (Dad’s travel partners) I personally work with my agents to make sure they understand how Disney works and how to keep their clients happy. We all love Disney but it doesn’t stop there. Communication with our clients is one of our top priorities – knowing the correct questions to ask and the right answers to their questions.

This is not a job for someone who wants to do it “just for fun”. This is a long-term commitment to providing customer service that is not available when you book through Disney directly. Our Disney knowledge is important, but our people skills and communication is also very, very essential.

Sep 20, 2011 Being a travel agent is being a SALES professional
by: Joe R If you consider Disney to be your biggest competitor, you weren’t taught properly how to sell yourself and your services; you haven’t learned to show your value as an agent.There is SOOOO much more that a travel agent can do above and beyond what Disney can do when you call into a call center with hundreds of phone agents; for one, your client can contact you each time instead of calling the call center and not getting the same person each time.

Travel Agents are making a strong comeback because of this – clients WANT and NEED KNOWLEDGEABLE agents to plan trips for them and give them proper advice.

Unfortunately, too many people think they can just call themselves a travel agent and make some extra money, they come in with a hobbyist mindset. The business needs professionals! Unless you are dedicated to learning the business, learning indepth about destinations and learning about sales as your number #1 priority, you will struggle.

My recommendation is to find a Disney-focused travel agency that takes agents and trains them properly in Disney as well as sales techniques. If you find them, and dedicate yourself to working this as a true business, you will be successful and more than happy with your yearly commission.

Be sure those that you contact put an emphasis on training and becoming a sales person, not just being a hobbyist.

Good luck!

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