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How To Create Agenda For Walt Disney World?

by Robert Giraudo
(San Jose, CA)

Hi – My name is Robert. My family, 7 adults, will be visiting Walt Disney World in May.

When we went to California Adventure in December. They told us to get there by 7:30AM because the park opens at 8AM and the lines get long. They informed us to run and get a FastPast to Cars then to and get a FastPass to the World of Color then go to Toy Story Mania then ride Scream and then our Cars FastPass should be ready.

Any recommendations for Disney World, EPCOT and/or Universal? Thanks, Robert.

Cars Land at Disneyland

You won’t find Cars Land in Florida – Photo by WDW Shutterbug

Dad’s you’ve come to the right place Answer


Yep, Dad knows a whole lot about planning a Walt Disney World vacation. In fact, it’s kinda my specialty.

The first thing I would recommend is to get an idea of lay of the land. Walt Disney World is a huge place. There are 4 different parks and each of them is huge. The smallest Florida park is bigger than all of Disneyland (including California Adventure and Downtown Disney) combined. The parks are spread over 43 square miles. You can’t walk between parks.

Dad’s Disney World Parks page

The second thing you need to know about at WDW are the crowds. Crowds can be a real mess at WDW. Dad knows Disney World Crowds.

Crowds at Walt Disney World range from almost none at all (very rare) to no one else can get in (also very rare). Busy days are more likely than non-busy days. It really pays to make a plan before you arrive on how you will navigate the crowds and the parks.

Dad’s Top Tips for Avoiding WDW Crowds page


Destinations to Travel LLC.
The FastPass system is also very different. Although Disneyland has just started implementing FastPass+ it’s been the way things work for almost a year at WDW.

With FastPass+ you can book a FastPass 60 days prior to your arrival (30 days for non-Disney resort guests). It’s ESSENTIAL that you get a FastPass for a couple of rides, notably Toy Story Mania and Soarin’. Some of the other rides, it’s very helpful if you do.

Dad’s FastPass+ page

I would highly recommend you get some help with your planning. That’s one of the big reasons I am proud to partner with Destinations to Travel. They help their clients develop a daily itinerary. Go over and fill out the form and get started on a great vacation.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Robert, you will find that Disneyland and Disney World are very different. Disney World is bigger and more crowded. You really need to go to Disney World with a good plan.

Universal? I don’t know much about Universal.

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