How to deal with the 100 Day Blahs

How to deal with the 100 Day Blahs

by Dad
(The Office)


Hi, Dad here, with Dad's Tip of the Week. This one's good. Mrs. Mom walked into the office this morning and she says, "Do you know what today is?" I'm thinking, "Yeah...", what did I forget? It's not your birthday. It's not our anniversary. "What is it?" She held up our countdown clock for our Disney World vacation. She said, "It's 100 days 'till we go to Disney World. I'm ready to go. I got the blahs. The 100 day blahs."

The 100 day blahs are a real thing, you know, when you're planning a Walt Disney World vacation, right at first there's a lot of buzz. You're getting ADR's. You're making reservations. There's just a lot to do, but then you get to that point where, oh man is it ever going to get here? What is today? Are we ever gonna go? And you get to around 100 days and you kind of get the blahs. I've written a blog post about it before. Check it out...

Dad's 100 Day Blahs Blog page

The 100 day blahs is a real thing. How do you deal with the 100 day blahs? I got some ideas, right? I'm Dad, that's what I do. I have some ideas. In that blog post, you'll see one of the ideas I had is you take a practice trip. Go to the local waterpark. Go to the local theme park. I know it's not the same, but do kind of a practice trip.

Do some Disney games. In Dad's Simple Fun Magic Guide to a Walt Disney World Vacation Planning (Dad's book that's coming out shortly), I've got a whole chapter about games and stuff.

In the book there's a whole chapter in there about some games and some things, you know, video scavenger hunt. We've got video scavenger hunts with over 100 things that you need to find in the video scavenger hunt for YouTube videos. It's just ways to bring the Magic, have some Fun, make it Simple. It's just

In WDW magazine, each month we have a recipe that you can cook right out of Disney World. Right from one of the Walt Disney World's restaurants. WDW magazine itself, go through it and enjoy the stories. There's now almost 50 issues of WDW magazine. Just go through them and look at all the great pictures.

WDW Magazine home page

The Best of WDW - Volume 2


There are all kinds of things you can do to overcome the 100 day blahs. Those are just a few. So, down in the comments below, tell me what are your favorite ways to deal with the 100 day blahs.

That's Dad's Tip of the Week.



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Dec 13, 2017
magic bands
by: Anonymous

We purposely keep coming up with fun and funny names to place on our bands until the 30 day mark. Keeps Disney on our minds and it allows us to be having fun creating new names, changing the color bands too. It's an excuse to keep checking the calendar - now if I won the lottery I'd go every 90 days and thus wouldn't have the 100 day blahs ;)

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