How to know which rides are closed?

How to know which rides are closed?

by Adam
(Concord, North Carolina)

Hi Dad,

First I want to tell you how amazing your site is! I read thru it often, and try and use all the advice and suggestions you have.

I know you have a crowds page and updates on Fantasyland. My question is whats the best way know which rides are open, and what's scheduled to be closed. We went last year in January, and they had rides and attractions that weren't listed on the website, but were still closed.

We are planning a trip for the first 2 weeks in May, due to your page, and I'm worried that we won't be able to see everything we want to.
Thanks so much.


Dad's sounds so easy but ... Answer


So good to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by and keep coming back often.

It's funny, all of us struggle with how to know which rides are closed. It sounds so easy just publish a list of what's closed, and for the most part it is easy.

However, there are some attractions that open and close whenever someone in Anaheim sneezes. For example, Sounds Dangerous in Disney Animal Kingdom is "open seasonally". What season is it open? Who knows? Disney never publishes it. The best answer you will get is it might be open, it might not.

And in January, it seems all the rides are tired after the holidays and lots of them break down daily. There are also rides like The Universe of Energy that breaks down almost every day.

What I can do is until Dad has some extra time to put together the best page anywhere on Disney World closures, I'll give you the link to the best list available at this time for the May closures. Click here for the list.

Dad's Bottom Line

It would be real nice if Disney would publish a list and keep it up to date, it would really help everyone. They used to. I think they found it as hard as the rest of us keeping up with closures and gave up.

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