How to Thank a Cast Member at Walt Disney World

How to Thank a Cast Member at Walt Disney World

by Dad
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Have you ever had a Cast Member go above and beyond and wondered, how do I thank a Cast Member at Walt Disney World?

How nice. Yes, you should. Those nice people are overworked, underpaid and somehow manage to keep a smile on their faces (mostly).

A little girl hugging Ariel at the Princess Fairytale Breakfast

Now that's the best way to say thanks - Photo by Laurie Sapp

How to thank a Cast Member at Walt Disney World.

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The next in our series of "How to _____ at WDW" is, how to say thank you to a Cast Member. There are several ways to thank them. Here are a few that I came up with.

Thank You Cards

A Cast Member at the Haunted Mansion

Bet you can't get this guy to smile (but he likes it if you try)- Photo by Cliff Wang

The first way is to create your own thank you cards. Just go out on Pinterest and look around. There's a bunch of them, or if you're very artsy you can create your own, but create thank you cards in advance. Have them ready to go.

Put four or five of them in your backpack, whatever you take into the parks. Whenever some Cast Member does a great job, give them a thank you card. Be sure to tell them, "Hey, I want to say thank you. Here's a card." (No, not "here's your sign". That's a whole different thing.

Say Thank You

The piano player at the Magic Kingdom

Be sure to say thanks to this guy - Photo by Andy Sanchez

Second way is just to say thank you. "Thank you, I appreciate that. You've done something special." Let them know when they've gone above and beyond. Say thank you.


A Cast Member showing a bird to a group of people

Wonder if this bird goes Tweet? - Photo by Brett Svenson

Number three is to Tweet about it. Yes, like the glee club from the Tiki Room show... "Tweet, Tweet, Tweet, Tweet, Tweet".

O Tweet about it. Be sure to include @WDWToday in your tweet. That is the official Disney account. When you Tweet to @WDWToday, use the hashtag cast compliment - #castcompliment. Disney monitors that account. They look for those kind of things.

They see those cast compliments and actually Tweet back to you and say thank you and something like that. When you do that cast compliment to @WDWToday, Disney takes that and they put it in the Cast Member's files. It is a good way of thanking a Cast Member. It really does get attention. If you had a picture it really helps.

Take a Picture

Take a picture of a PhotoPass photographer

A picture of a picture, cool - Photo by Cliff Wang

Speaking of pictures, take a picture with them. Go to the Cast Member and "Hey, could you take a picture with me?", not of me, but with me. That's just kind of doing that personal, making it happy, making it fun. Go to a PhotoPass photographer. "Can I take a picture of you?" Take pictures of them. These are for the people that you can't tip. Most of the Cast Members at Disney World you can't tip, so for those people you've got to find interesting ways to say thank you.

Guest Service Fanatic Card

Doug and Russell are Wilderness Explorers at Animal Kingdom

Non face characters need love too - Photo by Cliff Wang

One of the best ways you can thank them if they really did something special, get their name off of their badge that they wear. Get their name and where they're from. You'll know where they did it, but get their name and where they're from.

Go to Guest Relations and ask for the Guest Service Fanatic Card. The Guest Service Fanatic Card is kind of the ultimate way that Cast Members get recognized. That Disney Fanatic Card is really, really important. That goes into their file and they get recognized during team meetings and things like that. It's really a big deal.

Contact Guest Communications

You can also contact Disney Guest Communications. Write or email or call Disney Guest Communications. Write an email or letter to them when they get home. Be personal. Tell them about your experience and thank them for your experience. You can send it to Guest Communications. Hand written notes are always appreciated.

Email -
Phone - (407)-824-4321
Address - WDW Guest Communications, PO Box 10,040, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040

Come Back and Visit

A tram in the parking lot at Epcot

Yes, even the tram drivers - Photo by Cliff Wang

Come back and visit them. Return to the scene of the crime. If you've had great service, if something has gone well with a Cast Member, go back and see the again.

Believe me, their managers are watching. "Hey, I want to see if so and so is here., "she was helping me with something", or "he did such a great job last time" If they're not working, the higher ups do take notice of that.

Be Kind

Guys up a tree on the Jungle Cruise

Not exactly what I had in mind - Photo by Mike Billick

Then the last and most important way you can thank a Cast Member is just to be kind. Be considerate. Say thank you. Follow instructions. Keep your hands and head and body parts inside the boat, inside the ride vehicle at all times. You know, there's no reason for you to not follow the rules. They're there for your safety.

Those people are there to try to help you. I was at Disneyland a couple of years ago I didn't even think about it. We were standing in line at Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and some little kid went by and had their hands up, so I reached out and gave them a high five. Well, the Cast Member stopped the ride because she had to. It's their rules. She looked at me with that look. That's the rules. They've got to follow the rules. Just be kind and considerate. Think about what they're going through.

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Dad's Bottom Line

All right, so those are some of the best ways to thank a Cast Member. If you've got any others that you know of or if you've been a Cast Member and you've experienced it, put it down in the comments. We'd love to hear those kind of things. Just add it to the comments. We'd love to hear any other ways that you could thank a WDW Cast Member.



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Nov 04, 2018
Saved my trip
by: Jeff

I'd like to thank Louis in the gift shop at OKW. My glasses were loose and in need of a small screwdriver to tighten them back up. Louis let me borrow their serewdriver, used for magic bands, to tighten my glasses. This saved me a 1/2 hr trip to Walgreens. GIANT SHOUT OUT TO LOUIS!

Oct 23, 2018
Thank You Pedro!
by: Lauren + Goli

Pedro from La Puente,Ca went way above and beyond for my friend who has a walking disability. Thank you Again Pedro for helping us.

Sep 29, 2018
Great service
by: Dave &Myrna

We were in Hollywood Studios this afternoon,being really warm we got the frozen lemonade from Kate from Porto Rico she was extremely friendly and provided great customer service.
Please pass on our Thanks to her

Sep 10, 2018
Art help
by: Frank

We stopped in the Art of Animation in Disney Springs on Sept.6 to find some art for our Disney room. We were immediately greeted by Zach. He noted my button as "that guy" which instantly gave me a sense of fun. After a few minutes of searching he came over and helped us through the process with a continued sense of humor yet knowledgeable guidance. It made this an extra memory while building a Disney place at home.
Thanks Zach!!

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