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How to wait for a Walt Disney World vacation?


by Larry
(Summerville, SC)


Hey Dad, my family and I are just 26 days away from our next trip to Disney World. I went several times as a kid. My wife and I went around the time of our first anniversary. But last November we took our 3 year old daughter for the first time. I have to say without a doubt, Disney World had never been as much fun as it was when we took our daughter!


I guess my question is how do I wait for a Walt Disney World Vacation or how to I contain my excitement for the next 26 days? I have a job to do and responsibilities to tend to. But with Disney on my mind, it’s tough.

Monorail Gold passes Spaceship Earth

How do you wait for a this? Photo by Don Sullivan

Dad’s I’m too excited to sleep Answer



You’ve asked the question for the ages? I’m not real sure I have a good answer, but I’ll give it a try.


I get real excited every time we go to Walt Disney World just like you. Even this last trip when I went by myself, I was too excited to sleep the night before I left. (Read about the night before Dad left on his last trip.)


How I wait for a Walt Disney World Vacation is by reading everything I can about what’s coming. So, I’d suggest you spend hours every day looking at Dad’s site. There are over 1000 pages here so even at 2 minutes per page, you should have enough material to keep you busy for a while.


Your timing is pretty good, this weekend Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides comes out this week. It would be a good prelude to your Disney World Vacation. Look for the dog and check out the characters and see just how much they look like the ones on the ride.

Dad’s Pirates of the Caribbean page


Learn how to say “Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas” so you’ll be ready to ride one of Dad’s all time favorite Disney World rides, the Disney World monorail. I just love hearing that phrase because it means that I’m at Disney World.

Dad’s Disney World Monorail page


Finally, make sure your in good shape. Have everyone walk a couple of miles a day together. If you have little ones push them around in the stroller. Pack your backpack and wear it. While your walking, sing Walt Disney World songs like “It’s a Small World” and “Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirates life for me”. Break in those shoes, get your bodies ready you’ll thank me.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Larry, it’s great that you’re so excited. That’s natural. (Look at the bill and maybe that excitement will wane a bit.) It’s hard to wait for a Walt Disney World vacation of a lifetime. Keep the countdown going. Spend a little time each day on Dad’s site (OK, you can go to others too, like, that’s OK.) Go over your plans, your lists and make sure everything is ready. But most of all, spend some time with the family and have a great time together.


Dad's Disney World home page



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Comments for

Jun 27, 2011 Right there with you!
by: Shelly I am at 110 days and obsessing quite nicely. Dad is really providing a great outlet for my obsession. I have a good plan working that will probably change about 110 times before we leave!

May 19, 2011 Oh, one more thing..
by: Christina R. Also, with the modern marvels of tiny camcorders and youtube, I sometimes watch the rides and “ride” the ones I couldn’t for myself (i.e. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride) and get all excited. Obviously, it’s not as good as just witnessing it for yourself but it’s a start. Undercover Tourist has a pretty good channel for it:

May 18, 2011 Just look and read!
by: Christina R. I read in a magazine (okay, it was Cosmo) that when you book a vacation far out, and you spend a lot of time planning it and hyping it up, your brain releases the same endorphins that give you the same happy feeling as being on vacation when you’re just planning it. No wonder I’ve been so happy these past couple months!

At the time of my booking with the ever awesome travel agent, Dad, of course, I was about 180 days away from Disney. The next day I immediately began planning ADRs and building a Plan (P must be capitalized, that’s how serious the Plan is) and I honestly can say I probably read every single page and every single question on Dad’s site.. and and I check to help the Plan too.. and then I invaded my local Barnes and Noble and I must have close to 15 books that are all Disney World related (and one Cruise one). I’ve even gone through the various Flickr accounts of the photographer Dad seems to post a lot, and then looking at the groups they’re in, which leads me to more Disney photographers, etc. Never ending Disney photos.

I am not sure if I am proud or ashamed to admit I don’t think I need a map of the Magic Kingdom anymore. My husband quizzed me on where everything is and I got all but 2 right. LOL. Yeah, it’s that serious.

I’m now 116 days away. I’m envious of anyone a day shorter than that, but for now, all I can do is look and read. 🙂

May 18, 2011 Me Too
by: Eric I am thinking by the timing of your post that your trip may start on the 13th. If so, I hope to see you every day. Also, I hope you don’t make it too crowded for me.

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