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How will FastPass work when Slinky Dog Dash opens?

by Bill Gerhard
(Enid, OK)

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“We’re thinking about a trip to Disney World in September of this year (2018). Since Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is scheduled to open sometime this summer, what happens if it doesn’t open until the FastPass window opens for 60 days in advance of our trip. In other words, if our trip is September 4, and our FastPass window is July 6 (60 days), but Slinky Dog coaster won’t open until August 1, will we be able to make a FastPass for this ride on July 6, or will it not be available for FastPass booking until August 1? !”

Slinky Dog Dash ride vehicle enters Disney's Hollywood Studios

The Slinky Dog Dash ride vehicles are being tested at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog.

Okay, Bill, good question. The FastPasses for a new ride typically aren’t available until after the ride opens. For instance, with Flight of Passage and Rivers of Light, you couldn’t book FastPass+ until after the ride had opened.

For your Fall trip, if Slinky Dog Dash opened on say, August 1st, like you said, FastPass+ wouldn’t be available until at least August 6th and maybe after that, so you wouldn’t be able to make reservations until at least August 6th. That’s the way it has usually worked for new rides.

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My sources, or at least the whispers that I’m hearing, are saying that Toy Story Land is on track to open in mid-July. There was a video that came out recently of them testing Slinky Dog Dash at night, so I think they’re on pretty good track to be open by mid-July.

That might not happen. I might be totally wrong about that, but it’s supposed to open in the summer, and I’m thinking mid-July looks like a prime time.

Now, FastPass+ probably won’t be available yet for your July 6th FastPass+ booking date. So what you do is you go ahead and make your FastPasses on July 6th. Then whenever they open up FastPass+ for Slinky Dog Dash, you go in and change your reservation times.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is we don’t know when Slinky Dog Dash is going to open, but as soon as you hear about the Fast Passes being available, that’s when you go in and try to make your Fast Pass reservations for it.


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Comments for

Jan 28, 2018 Will Disney “Preview” rides?
by: Dean

With Flight of Passage, Annual Passholders were allowed make a reservation to preview the rides (along with River Journey). Will Disney do the same thing with the rides at Toy Story Land?

Dad Answers

The opening strategy for each ride is different, but there is always some test period which is called a soft opening.

For the new Fantasyland, the whole land opened about a month early after a couple of weeks of soft opening tests. For Pandora it was a month long Annual Passholder preview.

What will Toy Story Land be? Who knows, but there will be some sort of soft opening.

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