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How will the crowds be in October 2020?

by Shannon

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“Hey there! Can you tell me what you think the first two weeks of October 2020 will look like? Just trying to get a good idea of crowds with everything opening the rest of this year and on.”

Very Busy

Hi Shannon,

October has become, maybe, the busiest month of the year crowd wise. OK, maybe the last week of December skews the statistics a little, but October is very busy.

Dad’s October Disney World Crowds page

The first two weeks will be heavy to very heavy crowds. It’s been that way for the last several years and I don’t see any change in that pattern coming anytime soon.

October 2020 will be no different, no matter what attractions open, or don’t open between now and then.

Deal With Crowds

I do have a few tips on how to deal with heavy crowd days.

Dad’s How to Deal With Crowds page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

October is busy. Very busy. Expect big crowds every day.


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