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How young is too young to bring the kids to Disney?

by Anonymous


The Princess and Man-Child on their first trip

The Princess and Man-Child on their first trip

Hi Dad,

Love your site as always. I'm going on a trip to Disney with my husband later this year and I was talking with my friend who's around the same age as me (mid-late 20s) and we both agreed this would be our last trip to Disney without kiddies. It was a bittersweet realization, since I love getting Disney in at least once a year when I can, but that biological clock has started to tick and we're going to start talking kids by early next year.

I have a feeling they'll be just as Disney obsessed as I am straight from the womb, but then I got to thinking: how soon is too soon to bring kids to Disney? There's a reason under 3 are free -- they don't really remember anything apart from the videos and pictures taken of that day. How old were your princess (congrats on her engagement!) and man-child when you brought them? Did you take em as toddlers anyway?

Thanks for your never ending wisdom and have fun with your new trip. The Hoop Dee Doo Revue was my FAVORITE!

Anonymous (anonymous for mom-really-wants-to-be-a-grandma-and-sometimes-reads-your-page reasons)

Dad's you're not gonna like this answer

Dear Chr ... oops, I mean Anonymous,

First, let me say, every Disney World trip is an individual decision. Every year thousands of people take toddlers to Disney World. It can be done. I have talked about this before (Taking 2 year olds to Disney World) but I'll be happy to do this again, just for you.

I'm not a big fan of toddlers ... at Disney World. I love little kids. My favorite age for children is birth to about 3. I love playing with babies, and like your mom can't wait until I'm a grandpa. (Just call me gramps.)

Why am I not a fan of toddlers at Disney World? Because of the extra time you have to spend running back and forth to the hotels for naps. Because of all the extra wear and tear on Dad who has to hold tired kids in long hot lines. Because of how younger kids get whiny and grumpy and act up when they get tired.

The first time we went with the kids, The Man-Child (our youngest) was 3 months shy of being 5. We thought that was just about the perfect age. The Princess was 9. He was old enough to have things he enjoyed (Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles) and she was young enough to still believe in the magic.

For us, our target number was 4. But that's just us. I know waiting 4 or more years to go back to Disney World seems impossible, but, you can always dump the kids off with Grandma and go without them (sacrilege). We tried that and it was one of our least favorite trips.

Dad's Bottom Line

Anon., if you want to take your two year old to Disney World, fine, go ahead. Hey, you never know, Dad make take the grandkids while they're still little. (But only if the parents are along to take the screaming little squirts when they start ...) But I don't recommend it.

PS.I won't tell someday soon Grandma to be anything. Your secret is safe with me. Trust me.

Comments for How young is too young to bring the kids to Disney?

Apr 03, 2011

Our Toddlers love it!

by: Debbie

Our first trip to Disney with kids was when they were 2 and 7 months. The nice thing about Disney is whatever my 2 year old could go on my 7 month could go on. We had a great time and have gone every year since. My 7 mo old was 2 when we went in August and he has literally talked about going back to Disney every day since. He is a Toy Story nut. We are already planning our next trip for the fall and I just had a baby:)

Apr 03, 2011

I say "go for it!"

by: Heidi

Our girls were both 5 (or nearly 5) when they had their first Disney experience. Our son, on the other hand, was 2 (several months shy of his 3rd birthday, so us cheapskates could get him in for free). He LOVED it and still talks about it. On that same trip, we took friends of ours who had a 9 month old baby. She was fine.

Strollers are your best friend at Disney and most of them are conducive to napping babies. :) So, we never made mid-day trips back to the hotel for naps - we just kept plugging along. I'm actually kinda sad as my son is approaching his 5th birthday - we've become so dependent on the stroller that I can't quite imagine a stroller-free Disney trip!

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