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Hurricane Coronavirus: Disney World is Closed

Disney joined the chorus. It has just been announced that (OK, I’m going to be a little sacrilegious) Hurricane Coronavirus has landed and will close Walt Disney World from March 15 through the end of the month. Disney World is closed, or will be on Sunday.

It All Started Last Night

It all started last night. I was minding my own business sitting down to watch our Oklahoma City Thunder when there was the delay that changed the world. Who would have thought that one little basketball game in Oklahoma City, would take down the whole entertainment industry in just 35 minutes?


Yes, I’m serious. But that’s not important right now. Did you hear, DISNEY WORLD IS CLOSED!!!?

Let’s get back to Disney World

It was just a week-ish ago that I posted my thoughts about Coronavirus and Disney World. At that time, I wasn’t really worried. In fact  I said everyone should “panic now and avoid the rush” or to “run in circles, scream and shout”. Wait. That’s not what I said.

Dad talks about Coronavirus and Disney World

What I said last week and what I said was it’s not time to panic, wash your hands often, avoid people that are Sneezy (that’s a dwarf right? I know…), and if you have a compromised immune system, be careful, very careful.


I didn’t expect things to spiral out of control so quickly. Curses Utah Jazz, YOU CLOSED DISNEY WORLD!!!!!


So for the next two weeks we have to find something to occupy our minds. What could that be?

The Next Two Weeks

So what can we do for the next two weeks while Disney World is closed (that’s really hard to write)?

Most important, let’s all stay at home as much as possible, wash our hands, avoid Sneezy and hopefully Hurricane Coronavirus will change course and go away. Hey, I can hope. COME BACK DISNEY WORLD!!!!

Dad’s Bottom Line

It’s all Rudy Gobert’s fault, but what’s done is done. By the end of March, Hurricane Coronavirus will have closed Walt Disney World for longer that all the other hurricanes combined in the last 50 years. Hopefully on April 1st (no jokes there, please), Disney World will open back up and Hurricane Coronavirus will be gone, gone, gone.


Please, OKC Thunder come back soon, I’m bored, oh, and Bob Chapek, PLEASE OPEN DISNEY WORLD AGAIN!!!!!!!

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  1. We have a trip planned the first week in June. Hopefully things will be back up and running. Do you think we should continue to plan as normal?

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      We are dealing with something totally unprecedented. There’s no history to look at on this one, but yes. I think you should continue to plan as normal. We have a trip planned in mid-April and we are moving forward with it. Now that doesn’t mean that things couldn’t change in the next few months, but this world will be in dire straights if Disney World is still closed in June.

  2. I’m in Disney world right now and will try to put a week’s worth of fun into the few days remaining- it’s happy and sad all in one but the decision is made and no sense complaining at this point – but I even snagged club level Coronado for a week – argh – well , sob, time to hut the parks before the magic closes in a few days ….

  3. We have a trip planned mid April as well. I’m hoping even though they are closing they will use this time to ramp up painting the castle. I hope by mid April things have calmed down considerably. We have been looking forward to this trip for a very long time.

  4. A little common sense coupled with good hygiene goes a long way.
    To me, it’s odd how this is ballooned when swine flu which was much more virulent barely registered.
    Be that as it may, we WILL go for our May vacation and practice good hygiene as we always practice.
    The fear is far greater a contagion than the virus.
    Be well!
    And thank you Dad for being brave to post about this. The WDW blog is radio silent.

  5. indefinitely closed at this point – 3/37/20.
    Very distressing news. I was holding out hope that this virus would abate and the world could return to normal.
    Hope all are safe and Dad, please anytime you hear any news on this please we look forward to your posts and your humor that allows us to smile.
    Thanks and stay safe and well all.

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