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I Forgot Our Tickets – What Do I Do?

by DR
(loony bin )


The worst has happened. My brother, whose name is MUD, left our family’s tickets behind at home. We are 839 miles away from our tickets. Yes, we drove…

What do you think is the best course of action? We are going to our Disney resort on Sunday. It is Friday night. Am I freaking out a bit? Oh yes…

Someday, I will laugh at this story but not today…

Disney World Tickets

You don’t want to forget these – Photo by Tom Bricker

Dad’s Quick Thinking Answer

DR, I know that this may seem like the worst possible thing that could happen on route to your Perfect Vacation, but rest assured with some quick thinking all will be right in the world. Forgetting your tickets at home is not a new problem for guests at Walt Disney World, it happens every day. There’s two ways this could go – you can get your original tickets or you can get new ones issued.

The first solution (getting your original tickets) could be tricky. At this point, you’d need to get a friend with access to your house to go get the tickets and overnight courier them to your attention at your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel. This might be necessary if you ordered your tickets from a company other than Disney, or if you did not book your tickets with your room.

The easier option is to have your tickets reissued. To do this, you must have bought your tickets from Disney along with your hotel reservation. If you booked online you’ll have a booking confirmation number that you can access in your email, which will make things easier but it’s not necessary.

Call Disney Customer Service at 407-939-1289 and explain what happened. They will tell you on what to do, but you should be able to proceed to your hotel, and have new tickets issued (the ones you have at home will be voided). Having your confirmation number makes this easier, but as long as you have a photo ID you should be just fine.

In times of trouble like these,it can be really helpful to have an expert Disney travel agent on your side. If you book with an agent like Dreams Come True Vacations, you can leave it to them to sort you out when you forget your tickets at home, you lose your Advance Dining reservation information, or is anything else is less than magical on your trip!

Dad’s Destinations to Travel page

One big tip for everyone, if you buy your tickets from anyone other than Disney, make several copies of your receipt and put then everywhere. In suitcases, in purses, in backpacks, everywhere. That way if you lose your tickets (or forget them at home) you can just go to guest services and get a replacement.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

DR, I know this seems bad right now, but I’m glad you’re keeping your cool. Don’t worry – Disney’s great customer service team will help you out! And now you can get your brother to buy you all the Mickey ice cream sandwiches you want as an apology – he owes you.

PS. DR, I’m sorry I didn’t get to this before your trip. It just came up in the list. (I’m a bit behind right now.) I hope you got things worked out and can’t wait to hear the story.

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by: Anonymous

Hi Dad,
I also advise everyone to take a CLEAR picture of the back of the SIGNED ticket with your cell phone. This has been helpful me in the past

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