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I need the inside scoop on Free Dining in 2018

by Brian G.

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“Hello. I was wondering if you had any inside knowledge about when Free Dining for 2018 will come out. Hoping to go this September and we would like to book a flight, but not sure when to book since we don’t know when the promotion will become available. Any inside scoop will be appreciated.”

The Boardwalk area is a place you might get and use Free Dining in 2018

Stay and Eat on the Boardwalk – Photo by Cliff Wang

Well, Brian, you’ve come to the right place. Yeah, I know exactly when Free Dining will come out.

No. I don’t. Disney does not tell me anything. In fact, if history shows anything, when I say something, they’re probably going to do the opposite.

Dad’s What is Free Dining page

My guess is Disney will follow the pattern of previous years. That means the fall promotion (Free Dining) would be announced the last week of April. My guess is April 24th. Might be the 23rd, might be the 25th. But it will probably be that week.

Whether or not you can actually get it for the time you’re going, whether or not there will be availabilities in the hotels you want, in the rooms you want, that’s another question.

What I would say is go ahead and make your reservations, especially if you’re going in September. Free Dining will be available all of September, maybe except for the last day or two. Go ahead and make your reservations now for September.

The problem with Free Dining is what tickets are going to be required. What hotel room views will be available. What restrictions will Disney put out with it. In the past couple of years it’s gotten harder and harder to book

Go ahead and book now (before the hotel room price increase takes effect). Get in touch with our partners at Destinations to Travel and let them get you started.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

They will be able to work with you to get Free Dining when it comes out, if it comes out. It may not come out this year. I’ve been saying for six, seven, eight years now the free dining is dead. I don’t think this will be the year but it’s going to happen. Soon.

Go ahead and book your flights, book your hotels. Book your hotel today, because you might save more money by booking today than you would by getting Free Dining. It’s happened before.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is Free Dining for 2018 should come out in April, usually the last week of April. If it’s going to come out, that’s when it’ll come out. It will cover all of September, except maybe the last couple days.


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