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ID check at Art of Animation gate

by Dorothy

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I understand that Art of Animation has a gate and a driver’s license is checked. Do you know which one they want? Driver’s name of reservation person, owner of car. Just trying to be ready and not have to search at the gate.

The Wheel Well entrance to the Cars section of the Art of Animation resort.

It’s just so cool – Photo by Disney Photo Snapper

Dad’s it’s kinda formality Answer

Dorthy (no I won’t make any Wizard of Oz jokes here),

All of the hotels have had guard gates for years. They used to just take a peek at you then wave you through. Lately they’ve upped the scrutiny a bit.

At the Art of Animation Resort and all the other Disney Hotels, you must now stop at the guard gate and show the guard your ID. Typically this is only for the driver.

Dads’s Disney Hotels page

You may be asked what you are doing at the resort. When I went over there to meet my buddy Dave Shute from YourFirstVisit the other day, I just told them I was going to eat breakfast. It wasn’t a problem.

I do know that at some of the Deluxe Resorts, like the Polynesian and the Boardwalk Inn where people are trying to use the hotel parking instead of the park parking lots, they are more aggressive in asking for a name and verifying it against a reservation.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line, Dorthy, is if you follow the yellow brick road … oops, sorry, the driver is the one who needs to provide the ID. It’s pretty simple.

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