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Illuminations – the secret garden

Is there anywhere we can get a better view of Illuminations? Mrs. Mom asked.

We were planning for our next Disney World trip. We had been to EPCOT once and didn’t get a very good view of Illuminations. It was a bit frustrating. We all wanted to get a better view of the show to see if we would like it any better.

This is where it helps to be a Disney World nerd.

Sure, I know just the place. There is a “secret” garden over by the United Kingdom where we can get a front row seat and watch the show. I boasted. I’m so smart. I’d read the Unofficial Guide to Disney World where it talked about this secret garden. I was pumped. THE PLAN was perfect. Nothing could thwart our getting a front row seat to Illuminations.

Finally the day came and we arrived at EPCOT. We did all of the EPCOT stuff during the day. All day long I kept bragging about the “secret” garden and how we were going to get a front row seat to Illuminations that night.

Around 8:30 we strolled over to the “secret” garden. Of course, it was absolutely packed. There were hundreds of people sitting, pushing, shoving, filling this “secret” garden. We quickly started walking to around the lagoon looking for a good place to watch the show.

Some much for “secrets”.

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