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Impact of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

by Rachel
(Bellevue, WA)

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“We’re planning a trip to WDW for either the last week of November 2019 or February 2020. We’d really prefer to go during the holidays, but we’re worried that the opening of Galaxy’s Edge is going to turn a normally quiet time at the parks into a madhouse. And if it is going to turn WDW into a madhouse, will it still be a madhouse in February? “

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge model

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is expected to bring huge crowds to WDW – Photo by Rich Ramos

Rachel, I can’t wait for the new part of Hollywood Studios – Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – to open. Supposedly, the official time still is summer, 2019. What does that mean for the crowds? We got kind of a peek of what that means when Pandora – The World of AVATAR, opened in Animal Kingdom last year. Or this year, this year, I guess. Time just kind of flies, I don’t know where I am, who I am, what’s going on.

When Pandora opened, we kind of saw what it’s going to be like when Star Wars and when Toy Story Land opens. What I foresee is that yes, the crowds will be crazy when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens. It will be crazy in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The pattern we saw with Pandora, is that the overall crowds bumped up just a little bit, but not 20 percent. Maybe three or four percent, but not 20 percent.

Now the Animal Kingdom crowds, especially in Pandora, the five or six hour wait just to get into Pandora, those crowds were crazy but the overall crowds, in fact, in the other parks maybe were down just a little bit, compared to what they would have been when everybody was in Animal Kingdom when the land first opened. Now, a month later that had kind of bounced out to normal.

What it really kind of boils down to is: when will Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge open? If it opens in summer of 2019, like it’s scheduled to, then November 2019 is going to be fine. By that time, the crowds will go back to their normal levels. Hollywood Studios is going to be crazy, yes. Hollywood Studios, Star Wars, Toy Story Land, it’s gonna be big and busy and crazy but the other parks might be a little less busy.

Dad’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios Crowds Page

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Dad’s Bottom Line

It’s all about, when does Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge open? If it opens in October, November is going to be a problem. If it opens in the summer or September, November will probably be alright. I might suggest you plan the February trip but November should be alright, depending on when the new section of Hollywood Studios opens, and again, it’s probably only going to affect Hollywood Studios. The other parks will be fine.


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Comments for

Jan 02, 2019 Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge success causing safety issues
by: Anonymous

It’s certainly gonna be crazy alright, MAD crazy, with huge crowds & waits of biblical proportions reaching 8-12 hours, and when Toy Story Land opened, the budget was so poor that they made the land small & crammed all those people in, leaving them herded like cattle & standing in line in the hot sun for 7 hours for like its top attraction, such as Slinky Dog Dash, And everyone was roasted & likelier than before to get cancer from too much exposure from the Sun’s UV rays.
And it’ll surely be worse when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens, cause that’ll mean 8-12 hours in sun, getting burnt & having a higher degree of cancer.
We say sunscreen is a solution, but with 8-12 hours in the sunlight, many people forget to reapply sunscreen & not everyone gets the right brand.
Plus being outside for hours means they’ll sweat the sunscreen off, especially from 8-12 hours of waiting in an outdoor line for Galaxy’s Edge, plus matters will only get worse with people bumping into each other, fighting & panicking like a riot while standing on burning hot asphalt, sweating like crazy & getting dehydrated & heat exhaustion & heatstroke.
It’ll be a madhouse alright, and it’ll be too successful, as to cause safety issues.

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