Inaugural Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend Oct 1-2, 2010

Inaugural Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend Oct 1-2, 2010

by Todd

Hello Carl -

Once again thank you for all of your help on our past questions and for having such a great website.

You may not have an answer to this but I thought I would give it a try anyway. We had our family trip planed for Nov or Dec this year and ended up booking Dec 1-7 with a 30% off pin code we received via an email. But we totally forgot about a wedding we must attend in Tennessee on Dec 4 so the Dec plans have changed. We hated missing the Christmas lights but now we’ll just look forward to the lights for 2011. I called today a rebooked for Sep 30 – Oct 6 (Oct 4 is my son’s 9 BD so he’s jazzed about the date change).

On to the question; I was looking over one of the many Disney sites and found that there will be an Inaugural Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend Oct 1-2 during our trip plus this will be the first weekend of the F&WF. Do you think this will be much of an impact to the crowds during our stay? We thought about going to our second choice in November (week 1 or 2) but we had ruled those weeks out due to Jersey week, Veteran’s Day, the Golf Tournament, and it being the last weekend of the F&WF.

So I really never hit the question; do you think our new dates (Sept 30 – Oct 6) are better than Nov 11-17 as it relates to crowds? And if you have any info on the impact the marathon weekend may have on the parks? Thanks.

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Good to hear from you again.

I wouldn't worry about Disney's Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend too much. Being the inaugural year, the crowds won't be too high. Even during the Marathon weekend, park crowds aren't too high.

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There won't be enough difference between the two weeks to change plans for.

Hope this helps,

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