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Dad's Guide to WDW
Are you Going to Walt Disney World?
Dad can Help!


Are you going to Walt Disney World?


The Place where Dreams Come True - Photo by Laurie Sapp


Yippee! It's time to celebrate. Or maybe not...


A WDW vacation is a pretty major undertaking and a trip of a lifetime. It's a chance to create lifelong memories and to have a truly Magical experience.


And it truly is the Most Magical Place on Earth -


The Magic of Disney Parks




Even though WDW is the most Magical Place on Earth, planning a WDW vacation can get a little overwhelming.


Sometimes you need a little...


That's why Dad is here. Dad thinks a WDW vacation is Simple, Fun, Magic.


Meet Dad

Dad and his Family on Main StreetDad and the family on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom- Photo by PhotoPass Photographer


Hi, my name is Carl Trent, but around here I'm know as Dad. I love Walt Disney World. It's my favorite place anywhere.


My whole life I've had an obsession with Walt Disney and especially the Theme Parks. When I was small, my Grandma would take me to Disneyland. I fell in love with it. It didn't even matter that my sister made me sick on the Teacups, I loved Disneyland. That love continues to this day.


Like most good Dads, I like to fix things. If there's a problem, I'm the guy you call in to fix it. I'm a natural problem solver, especially when it comes to WDW problems. So...

"If you've got a problem, I don't care what it is,
If you need a hand, I can assure you of this,
I can help, I've got two strong hands, I can help.
It will sure do me good, to do you good, I can help. "


I can help by Billy Swan

That's Dad singing. Dad tends to sing a lot around here. But I do sing pretty good.

Simple, Fun, Magic

There are some really Magical touches around WDW - Photo by Brett Svenson


Like I said a few inches ago, I believe a WDW Vacation can be Simple, Fun and Magic. Let me explain.


Going to Walt Disney World has become a pretty big undertaking. The average length of a WDW vacation is now more than 6 days. With 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, more than 25 hotels, over 100 restaurants, shopping areas, golf courses, bus schedules, rides, shows, tickets...


Dad, you're not really convincing me of the Simple thing yet.

Hang on. It's coming.


While there is a lot of things to see and do at Walt Disney World, it's still a really Simple place, a Fun place and a Magical place.

Dad talks more about Simple, Fun, Magic

Dad's Guide to Walt Disney World

A bunch of Mickey balloons on Main Street USA at Walt Disney WorldMickey Balloons on Main Street, how Magical! - Photo by Brett Svenson

So let's take a look inside Dad's Guide to WDW, since it's where all the fun happens.


We start with the WDW Parks because they are the stars of the show. They are the reason we go to Disney World.

Next we look at where to stay. There are over 30,000 hotel rooms on property and around 400 hotels in the Orlando area. You might need Dad's help on this one.

Next come dining at Walt Disney World. Everyone has to eat right? This one is just yummy.

Then it's time to start planning and booking our trip. Dad's got lots of help for this one.

There are some other things that go on around Walt Disney World you should know about. Things like...

Dad promised to help, right? So here we go. Some really helpful pages and advice from Dad himself.

Finally there is Dad's Blog. Dad's Blog is where Dad goes to let his hair down a little. It's where Dad talks about what's happening and lets you know what he's really thinking.

There's always something going on at Dad's Guide.

Dad's Social Media


Need help quickly, or do you just want to have some fun? That's what Dad's Social Media pages are for.


Dad is all over Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, we are everywhere. Every day we are posting, talking, interacting all over the net. Come and check us out.

It'll be fun. Trust me!

The Newsletter


Every week, on Friday, Dad puts out a really great newsletter with updates on what's been happening around WDW and Dad's Guide for the week.


Meet the Team

Dad's Team - Carl (Dad) Trent, Stephanie Shuster, Danny McBride, Kimberly Masimore


Way back when Dad's Guide first started it was a one man show. Just little old me and my computer. But there is just so much to cover and so little time, through the years we've developed a really great team to help Dad out.


Meet the Team

Dad's Bottom Line

I like to end every page with just a little bit of advice, a tip, or a funny story. I call it the Bottom Line. So here's the Bottom Line for our homepage.


I really do want to make sure you have a great trip to Walt Disney World. I truly want to help.


Let's get your Simple, Fun, Magic vacation started.