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Is a camera monopod considered a selfie stick?

by Debbie
(Freehold, New Jersey)

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“Are camera monopods allowed in the parks? Is it considered a selfie stick? If yes, is it okay to attach them to a backpack?”

Monopod, Tripod or Gimbal

Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom can be hard without a tripod

It takes a good tripod to get a shot like this – Photo by Wayne Wood


The quick answer to your question about a monopod is, it is considered a selfie stick and won’t be allowed in the parks. I know, It’s not, but that’s the rule.

It makes sense that photographers would like to have a tripod, or something to stabilize their cameras to take good pictures. It’s a pain to haul a big tripod around all day, and a monopod sure makes sense as an alternative.

You can take a full, bells and whistles (or any derivative there of) tripod, but not a monopod. If it has 3 legs it’s allowed.

Gimball stabilizers are allowed but not monopods. Crazy, but true.

What our photographers recommend is to take your tripod and put it in a locker until you need it, or get something like a Gorilla Pod.

Actually this very topic came up this week in our community…

Discussion of monopods in Dad’s Community

The consensus is it’s annoying but it’s the rules.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is no, you can not take your monopod into the parks. Security will not let you in.


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