Is Free Dining really dead, and is SpectoMagic coming back?

Is Free Dining really dead, and is SpectoMagic coming back?

by Martha

Hey Dad, I have a couple of questions.

1. ) I noticed in the newsletter, you said Free Dining was 'dead.' Any particular reason?

2. ) I have heard rumors that SpectroMagic was returning to WDW. Have you heard when or if this might be happening?

The Main Street Electrical Parade

The steam engine from the Main Street Electrical Parade

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Dad's because I said so Answer


First, Free Dining is truly dead. Like Rover dead all over. Let me explain ...

Over 2 years ago, Bob Iger (who at the time was the head honcho at Disney) told the press that it was time for Disney to start reducing discounts at Disney World. I've been declaring Free Dining Dead ever since ...
So, why does Dad think Free Dining is truly and completely dead? Dad knows these things.

(Yes, Dad even knows Disney is offering Free Dining in Europe, but not in the US or Canada.)

The last 2 discounts Disney has offered for this spring have not included Free Dining. Spring is the time Disney offers the best discounts. The fall discount is usually not as good as the spring.

That's why Dad is finally right in declaring Free Dining Dead.

Now before you start yelling at Dad, Disney is the one doing this. I'm just reporting it.

But the Spring Deal is still pretty good (up to 30% off hotel and tickets). Check with Dad's partners over at Pixie and Pirate Destinations for more information.

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Now about that SpectroMagic thing ...

There are rumors ...
There are hints ...
And there are denials ...

It looks like the rumors were a bit premature. Last summer a brochure was spotted at Disney World that proclaimed the SpectoMagic was coming back and that the Main Street Electrical Parade would be gone. It set off a firestorm on the Disney Forums.

One site even reported that the date was set and that SpectroMagic would be back on April 7, 2013. They were wrong.

The Main Street Electrical Parade came back to Disney World in 2010. It was supposed to only be for a 3 month run. (It looks like the parade is suffering from "Gilligan's Island" disease.)

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Disney has not announced any changes (and they would have by now). It looks like the old parade needs a makeover before it comes back. So for now, we're stuck with the current Main Street Parade.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Martha, sorry, but Free Dining is really dead (unless you move to Europe real quickly) and SpectoMagic won't be back any time soon.

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