Is Play, Stay, and Dine Coming in 2016?

Is Play, Stay, and Dine Coming in 2016?

by Eugene


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Have you heard if play,stay and dine is going to be offered in early 2016.

Dad’s Bargain Answer

Eugene, the first thing I can tell you is that until Disney makes an official announcement about a promotion, anything you hear is speculation and subject to change. The second thing I can tell you is that no promotional offers have been made to the general public for 2016 as of yet – keep watching Dad’s Blog for more on that. The third thing I can tell you is… well, there’s actually quite a bit…

Play Stay Dine is a tricky promotion. A lot of folks confuse it with Free Dining. It is not Free Dining. It will not save you the same amount as you would save getting the Disney Dining Plan for free. But it is a good promotion in that it’s a substantial discount. It’s not Dad’s favorite promotion.

Why? The Play Stay and Dine promotion gives you a discount on a package which includes a room at a Disney resort hotel, Magic Your Way tickets, and the Disney Dining Plan (DDP). Dad’s not real keen on the DDP. It doesn’t save you money. Ever.

But Dad, won’t I save money if I’m getting a discount with Play Stay and Dine? Maybe, maybe not.


The “dine” in play stay dine may not be a bargain - Photo by Disney Photo Snapper

Usually Disney offers more than one discount at a time – for instance, you could have the option to choose between a room only discount and pay full price for tickets and buy your meals out of pocket, or select Play Stay Dine. IF you were going to buy the DDP anyway (you shouldn’t) it MIGHT make sense to do Play Stay Dine, especially at a Value resort where the room discounts don’t save you as much. But if you’re staying in a more expensive resort, the room discount almost always saves more money.

Before you book, check out all the promotions on offer and really do the math for which promotion will give you the most bang for your buck. Dad even has a Disney Dining Plan Calculatorto help.

But back to your question – will Play Stay Dine be offered in 2016? With no information released by Disney, all Dad can do is make an educated guess. For the last several years, Play Stay Dine has been offered in the winter months into the early spring. I don’t see why they’d stop with the promotion, so my guess is that yes it will be offered and that you’ll see an announcement sometime this fall. But Dad’s been wrong before.

One final thing I can tell you is that Free Dining is currently being offered as a bounce back offer to guests staying onsite now until October 31. That leads me to believe that Play Stay Dine, and maybe even Free Dining, will turn up in the spring of 2016.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Eugene, Play Stay Dine may or may not be offered in 2106. And it may not be the best choice for your family – or maybe it is. Do your homework, do the math, and find the best bargain for your trip.

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