Is September Usually So Crowded?

Is September Usually So Crowded?

by Mike Wilkie
(Batesville,Mississippi, USA)



My wife and I just got back from Disney world on a trip from Sept. 12 thru 18. The crowds were worse this trip than when we went the first week of June our last trip. There was several thousands there from South America. Was this something special?

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Dad’s No Such Thing as Off=-Season Answer

Mike, crowds at WDW can be all over the place – times that were quiet in previous years can be busy the next and vice versa. Unfortunately what you experienced wasn’t the result of a special event but rather just plain bad luck in timing.

September is usually a nice quiet time once Labor Day has come and gone. The kiddos are back to school and even though the Halloween festivities and Epcot International Food and Wine Festival start up at the end of the month it’s not so bad crowd wise – usually.

Dad's September Disney World Crowds page

But Disney has been putting on a lot of promotional pressure to eliminate their “slow times” by filling them with special deals like Free Dining, tour groups like the ones you encountered, and special promotions for different countries that align better to their school and holiday calendars which differ from ours.

And it’s working – I’m hearing reports that hotels are hovering around a 90% occupancy for most of the year and that’s a good indicator that the promotions are helping to fill in the slow times.


Do Tour Group Crowds make you feel like this? - Photo by Judd Helms

But that doesn’t solve the problem of how to avoid these crowds. Maybe “problem” is too strong a word – afterall, crowd are necessary. But while it might be impossible to avoid booking at the same time as tour groups Dad has some great tips to help you deal with them in this post.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Mike, tour groups can be frustrating to deal with but they are an increasing part of life at WDW. I guess “off-season” is a thing of the past.

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Oct 29, 2015
we were there Sept 24-Oct 2 crowds were insane
by: Anonymous

We went last week of September our usual time and we have never experienced the insane crowds levels as well as. I know the Halloween party is on and the food and wine festival but it has never been as busy as it was, most rides were an hour to two hours wait unless you had your fastpasses.

We were lucky to have small children with us so were able to also utilize parent swap off. People were also rude and inconsiderate. We are also fortunate to be able to go every couple of years. I have also never seen most if not all the Halloween parties sold out which is great for Disney.

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