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Is the Drive to Magic Kingdom Worth It?


by John Eagan
(Kenmore NY)


We try to go to Disney once a year, and we always take Disney transportation. This time we are getting a rental car. We are going from Nov 11 to the 16th, and staying at All Star movies. My question is, is it worth taking the car to the Magic Kingdom, considering it shouldn’t be too crowded and having to park at the Transportation and Ticket Center and then take a monorail to the entrance? We are definitely taking the car to the other parks and downtown Disney. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.



The Muppet car from the parade at Disney Hollywood Studios

I want to ride in this car Photo by Jeff_B

Dad’s Park It Answer




this is a great question. Dad’s been doing a lot of thinking about the practicality of having a car at Walt Disney World these past few weeks. Sure, it’s convenient for getting to downtown Disney, the water parks, and mini golf. It’s almost necessary to visit the other resorts. And it can really speed things up for visiting most of the parks. But visiting Magic Kingdom is the one place where having a car may more trouble than it’s worth.


For years, Dad has been firmly committed to the idea that you should always have a car at Walt Disney World. It just makes getting around so much easier, and since Disney World is about the size of San Francisco, there’s a lot of ground to cover.



The Admiral Joe Fowler crossing Seven Seas Lagoon

Take the Joe Fowler to the Magic Kingdom Photo by Express Monorail


All that being said, Disney does a mighty fine job of transporting tens of thousands of guests each day, and Dad might be changing his mind about renting a car.


In your case, having a car sounds great so that you can see as much as possible during your visit (make sure you take in all the special touches of Christmas at Disney World). But as you’ve suggested, taking the car to the Magic Kingdom probably won’t be the quickest solution to get to and from the park.



Tram into EPCOT

Tram into EPCOT Photo by Express Monorail


While at EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Hollywood Studios, you’ll find a parking lot where you can walk to your car or take a quick tram ride, the Magic Kingdom is a whole other ballgame. It will take you almost the same amount of time to get to the Transportation and Ticket Center, park your car, and tram to the monorail and ferry stop as it will to just take the bus from your resort. And then you’ll have to wait for another mode of transportation to take you to the gate, which means you’ll be facing at least 20 minutes of extra transportation time.


Early-mid November is a great time of year to visit with low crowd levels. Plus, the All-Star Resorts have some of the best bus service on property (the larger the resort, the more frequent the buses). You shouldn’t have much trouble, if any, in getting to and from the Magic Kingdom quickly and easily.


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Dad’s Bottom Line


John, enjoy your rental car at Walt Disney World. But when you visit the Magic Kingdom, feel free to leave it at your hotel and save yourself some time.


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Jul 22, 2012 Caveats…
by: Fritz If you are staying at the Magic Kingdom until closing time, I’d suggest taking your own car.

Disney is sometimes too accommodating to the handicapped – they and their entire party go to the head of the bus lines.

Last time we tried to take a bus back to an All Star resort, we were about 40th in line. Buses are big, should be on first one right? WRONG!!! The wheelchairs and scooters started showing up. SIX BUSES LATER we were on our way back to our resort.

Also by driving we have flexiblity to head to Downtown Disney or and off property restaurnant for a meal.

Jul 18, 2012 Perfect
by: Amy Perfect! I was wondering the same exact thing about our November trip!

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