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Is the Royal Plaza Hotel a true Disney hotel?

by E

Is the Royal Plaza Hotel a true Disney hotel? If you stay there, are you eligible for the Extra Magic Hours in the parks?

Dad’s not anymore Answer


The Downtown Disney hotels were, at one time, treated just like the Disney owned hotels when it came to the extras that Disney hotels get. That’s not true anymore.

Disney has limited the extras, like Extra Magic Hours and the Dining Plan to just the Disney Hotels. (Ok, the Swan and Dolphin and the Hilton in Downtown Disney get Extra Magic Hours.) I don’t know why. Maybe the other hotels in Downtown Disney didn’t pay enough money to Disney or Disney just got greedy.

It does make the extra money you pay for staying at the Disney hotels seem to be worth it somewhat. Somewhat.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Sorry I didn’t have better news for you, but the Royal Plaza Hotel is just another hotel in Lake Buena Vista. No Disney perks or specials, but the prices are great.

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