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Is there a bus from the Polynesian Resort to Animal Kingdom Lodge


by Joanne
(Jackson, NJ)


I saw your comment on getting to the Animal Kingdom Lodge from the Polynesian (as in it being difficult…) but when I called the Polynesian they say they have a bus that will go directly there with no stops. Is that not true?


We are staying at the Polynesian and have dinner reservations at Boma (one day for dinner and another day for breakfast).


PS we have a toddler so we will have a stroller. Any tips?



The sign for the bus stop at the Polynesian Resort

The Bus stops here Photo by Jeff_B.

Dad’s Hotel-to-Hotel Hassle Answer




I’m sorry to say this, but I think the Cast Member you spoke with was a little confused. I’m not sure what that person was talking about, but there is no direct bus transportation between the Polynesian Resort and the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It’s a long trip on Disney transportation, but there are certainly a few alternative options for arriving on time for your Advanced Dining Reservations!


Getting around Walt Disney World is pretty easy – if you’re traveling between a park and a hotel. Otherwise, it can get pretty messy. In fact, there is no convenient way to travel between two resorts unless they are directly connected (by a monorail like the Contemporary Resort, Polynesian Resort, and Grand Floridian Resort, by walkways like the BoardWalk Inn, the Swan & Dolphin, and the Yacht & Beach Club Resorts, or a bridge like the Pop Century Resort and the Art of Animation Resort).


Dad knows first hand how hard it can be to get around Walt Disney World. In fact, for years Dad has been suggesting that you always have a car at Walt Disney World (even though he might be changing his tune on this topic). Dad even stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge last year, and his biggest complaint was the distance from that particular resort to everything else at Walt Disney World!



The inside of Jambo House

Jambo House at Animal Kingdom Lodge Photo by Brett Kiger


If you want to go from the Polynesian Resort to Boma, you’ll need to first head to a park – I’d suggest taking a boat or monorail to the Magic Kingdom or taking a bus to Animal Kingdom. Whichever park you end up at, you’ll need to then board a bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge. You can reverse this process to get back to your hotel.


Like I said, that’s a long trip! But, you can be smart about incorporating your Boma reservations into your PLAN. If you plan to head directly to your reservation from a park, or head to a park after your meal, you can eliminate the hotel-to-hotel hassle.


Depending on the time of your reservations, taking Disney transportation might be next to impossible – if you have an early morning reservation in particular this will be an issue because buses don’t run to and from the parks until about an hour prior to opening. In this case, or in general if you want to avoid all the hassle, you can take the only direct hotel-to-hotel bus there is – it’s yellow and will cost you about $20 each way (it’s a cab).


As for the stroller, Disney is really great about stroller accessibility. You’ll be able to push your stroller on to the monorail but for buses and boats you’ll need to remove your child and fold the stroller up as small as possible before you’re allowed on. I’d advise against bringing one of those big newfangled ones, and go with a small, lightweight, basic model – I’ve seen lots of parents nearly meltdown after dealing with a big stroller.



A pile of strollers outside of The Enchanted Tiki Room

Strollers are everywhere Photo by Joe Shlabotnik


For boarding attractions (and most shows), you won’t be able to take the stroller in line or on board, but you’ll be able to park it nearby. Some attractions have their own “stroller parking” areas, while at other times you’ll find stroller parking centrally located for an entire land or pavilion. Don’t leave valuables unattended in the stroller, and consider adding a little something to the handle so you can instantly recognize it is a sea of strollers.

Dad’s Bottom Line


Joanne, there is no bus from the Polynesian Resort to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It’s a long trip. I’d highly recommend spending the extra cash for a cab if your PLAN calls for you to travel directly between two resorts.


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Comments for

Jan 27, 2019 Magic Kingdom transportation center
by: Anonymous There is a bus to Animal kingdom lodge from the Magic Kingdom transportation ticket center, which is just next door to the Polynsian Resort (short walk).

Dad Comments

They’ve moved the buses from the Transportation and Ticket Center over to right outside of the Magic Kingdom.

Oct 18, 2015 Travel time
by: Sam I’m wondering how long a while is? An hour or more? And how do you go about getting the pay bus, there are 8 of us. We were thinking of going to hang out at the Polynesian for the fireworks our first night at Disney.

Jun 07, 2013 Reversal of fortresses
by: Mark I’m at Jambo House heading to Poly for reservations at ‘Ohona’s. Can I catch a monorail at AK to the Poly?


Dad’s Answer

No, the monorail doesn’t run to Animal Kingdom. You’ll have to catch a bus.

May 28, 2013 Getting from Polynesian to Animal Kingdom Lodge
by: Joanne Dad,
Thank you for responding to my initial post!
And I just realized I never let you know our outcome!! sorry about that!
But I just wanted to let you know… you were absolutely 100% right… We took the trip anyway (monorail to transportation center then bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge). Yes it did take a while- BUT we absolutely loved BOMA. We went twice during our stay. And next time we would do it again. We loved the food there… (I did do quite a bit of research on finding good restaurants!) We also loved our stay at the Polynesian. Although pricey, the atmosphere and the convenience of the monorail ESPECIALLY with a stroller was worth every penny. Thanks for all the tips! Love your website!


Dad’s Answer

Thanks for the update Joanne. Isn’t the Poly great?

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