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Is there a Dad for Disneyland California?


by Tammy
(Vancouver B.C.Canada)


Hi Dad,


Do you have a connection with a Dad with the knowledge you have for Disneyland California?


If so please do share…



Sleeping Beauty Castle from Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty Castle Photo by Tom Bricker

Dad’s there’s no one like Dad Answer




I have to say, I’m flattered that you find me interesting enough that you’d like to find another just like me for Disneyland. That’s nice.


Sorry, but there is no one like me. I’m pretty unique. I don’t know of anyone who is doing anything about Disneyland. (Which means I should probably start a site so I can dominate, but I just don’t have the time.) I know some of the big sites (wdwinfo and allearsnet) have a Disneyland site.


I’m hoping to start one this summer, but it’s probably going to be in 2014 before I get it started. Stay tuned. I’ll see if I can fit it in.


I do know that has a Disneyland site. You might check with them to see if you can find what you need.


Dads’s page


Dad’s Bottom Line




I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. One of these days I’ll get started, but I’m still working on the WDW site. (Plus I need to create a Disney Cruise site too.) Pretty good job security for me.


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