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Is there a new Disney World roller coaster park on the way?


by Barbara


We just got back from a fantastic trip to Disney World – loved your website, thank you! The bus driver on the Magical Express said that there will be a new theme park opening in 4 years aimed at teenagers – 12 roller coasters. Do you know anything about a new Disney World roller coaster park? Looked online everywhere and could find nothing on it. Thanks!


The Barnstormer will not be part of a new Disney World roller coaster park

The Barnstormer won’t be in the new Disney World roller coaster park Photo by Express Monorail

Dad’s rumors Answer




We’ve heard all these rumors before. For the last year the rumors about a new Disney World park have been about the roller coaster park. Before that it was a “Villians” park. Before that it was the Beastly Kingdom. I remember one based on Disney Sea in Tokyo.


I even got sucked in to one of these rumors last year. There was a rumor that the old River Country would be turned into an attraction based on the TV show Lost. Yep, it hurt to be sucked in by that one. (Here is where Dad announced the new Lost ride, and here is where Dad admitted he was wrong.)


There were rumors for years about a park in the Northeastern United States that was history based. I even heard rumors while living in Houston that Disney owned all of the area just north of Intercontinental Airport and that they were planning a park there.


These rumors come and go and one of the main sources of rumors are Disney employees. There must be a rumor of the day board somewhere at Disney World because it seems that sometimes these rumors run rampant for a few days then die out.


Disney just had a big gathering (the D23 event in Anahiem) where they made lots of announcements about the parks but no new rides or parks were even hinted at. (This is the same forum they announced the upgrade to Fantasyland a couple of years ago.


Disney is spending a couple of billion dollars upgrading Fantasyland and Disneyland. But they are always planning something new. I don’t see any new parks in the future. I’d rather see them throw a billion at Disney Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.


Dad’s Bottom Line


Barbara, for now, we’ll just have to be happy with the current parks and look forward to the Fantasyland expansion. But, I’ll be real happy if there is a new Disney World roller coaster park.


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Comments for

Nov 07, 2012 rumors
by: manufacturing king There are a lot of rumors out there, but there is one rumor that is posted on another board that is actually correct. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is going to change. It is going to copy the format of Universal Studios. But instead of lands, which Universal calls it, Hollywood Studios will have Worlds. Star Wars World, Cars World and from what I heard Monstors INC World. The giant hat is going to be replaced, but I cannot say what the new Icon will be. Why you ask? because I am building it and dismantling the hat.

Jan 22, 2012 new park
by: Anonymous You are right in saying most of the rumors come from Disney cast members. They are constantly telling us what is potentially on the horizon. Last time I worked there, it was all about the Villians park. They were suppose to break ground in 2013 but since that is just around the corner that is obviously not happening.The reason why we are constantly informed about updates is they hope that if we have any ideas we will submit them to management. They also know we will gossip about the ideas and thus keep people interested in what is to come. Coming from someone who worked for the company and still has friends employed there I don’t see anything concerning a new park.Disney is constantly complaining about their bottom line and the money they have lost because of the economy, of course the guests never heard that. I am sure a new park will open eventually and it will probably be more thrill ride based since they will ultimately need to compete with universal.

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