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Is there a Resort Parking Fee for Handicapped?

by Daniel
(Canada )

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“Hi Dad! First off, thanks for all you do to help us plan our Disney trips. We really love you!

My wife is wheelchair bound and we have a government issued vignette in our van. We will be staying at the all star music resort. Do we have to pay for resort parking with a handicapped vignette?

Thank you so much!
Daniel and Brenda”

Not Very Well Managed

Hi Daniel and Brenda, thanks for the question.

The new resort parking fee is one of the worst managed things I’ve seen come out of Disney in a while. But it’s pretty typical of parking fees at resorts. They may bring in money, but there’s not a good way to collect without making someone upset.

Officially, you will NOT be charged the resort parking fee if you have a government issued handicapped placard. Be sure your placard is displayed when you first arrive at the guard gate at the hotel.

The guard should make a note in your reservation that you are parking and that you are handicapped. That being said, there’s a chance that it will show up on your bill if they guard doesn’t see the placard or make a note of it.

I’ve stayed at Disney hotels twice since the new fee went into effect and I haven’t been charged yet. But I hear of people who should be exempt (booked their trip before the fee was instituted) that have been charged the fee.

I have not heard of anyone with a handicapped placard being charged. One thing I would be sure to do is to stop by the front desk during my stay and let them know you have a handicapped placard. That way they will be sure the fee is taken off.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Daniel and Brenda, I hope you have a great trip to Walt Disney World. Drop by the front desk of your hotel and let them know about the handicapped parking and you’ll be all good.


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May 11, 2019 Thanks for Sharing
by: Anonymous

I so appreciate that they asked this question about handicap parking and that Dad answered the question and advised what we need to do. Thanks to you both, any money saved is more to spend at WDW!

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