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Is upgrading to a the theme park view worth it?

Hey DAD,

I too am a BIG DISNEY FAN so i think your web-page is WONDERFUL! GREAT JOB DAD! I read a post about the Polynesian, my husband and I also decieded to switch from the Coronado and upgrade to the Polynesian Resort (THANKS).

We have two young children 3 and 7! This will be our 4th trip to disney as a family! I know they are young but disney is about MAKING MEMORIES that LAST A LIFE TIME (loved your post about the 8mm)!!!

We have always stayed at Port Orleans Resort before (much cheaper) however this year we will be at disney over my 30th birthday! Therefor the up-grade was a b-day treat!

This is my question we have already paid for a garden view room at the Polynesian Resort (was able to get free dining plan, helpful) but is it worth the extra money to stay in a theme park view or even club level room???

Dad’s that’s a toughie Answer

Is upgrading to a theme park view worth it at the Polynesian. Mmmmm??? That’s hard to answer. I just booked a trip for some new friends at the Polynesian Resort a Theme Park View and the Club Level. No, I didn’t talk them in to it. I did describe the view, but I didn’t push the room.

Dad’s Polynesian Resort page

Views at Hotels

Most of the advice I give clients is it’s not worth it to get a better view. Sometimes a better view comes with a bigger room or a better bed situation which is a better choice. Sometimes, like at the Value Resorts, the Preferred rooms are closer to the main building which for families with small children and older travelers may be a better choice.

The Savanna View at the Animal Kingdom Lodge is one I would recommend, especially if you have children that like animals. Getting up in the morning with a giraffe peaking through your window is priceless.

The Theme Park View at the Polynesian is a different situation. If your goal is to just sleep in your room, then any room will work. If you want a room that is a part of the experience the Theme Park View Rooms at the Polynesian Resort will offer you the best “experience” anywhere at Disney World (except for the room in the castle).

Club Level Rooms

Disney calls the rooms with concierge services (lounge, turndown service, itinerary help) Club Level Rooms. (Disney does have a “concierge” desk for all guests at every hotel. They have tickets and can help with times and show times.)

If you want to be pampered on your trip, then book a Club Level Room. You will get a personal trip planner that will help you get restaurant and special show reservations. They can sometimes get the hard restaurants when no one else can. The cynic in me says these nice people will go out of their way to help you spend your money and even give you lots of ideas of how to do it. The optimist in me says, those kind people will help you plan a vacation of a lifetime.

Dad’s Bottom Line

If you are like Dad and pinch every penny until it screams, then the Club Level will never make sense, nor does upgrading to a water view over a garden view.

If you are out for a wonderful experience and think your hotel room is a vital part of that experience, and (very important) you can afford it, then by all means upgrading to a theme park view is worth it or upgrading to a club level is worth it.

Comments for Is upgrading to a the theme park view worth it?

Mar 29, 2011

view not really useful/worth it

by: Syrene

I decided to splurge on a room with a view at the Boardwalk for our first disney trip. It was about $500 for the 7 days, and it was as expected: a great view of the Lagoon. Like Disney Dad, we never left the room after 8 a.m. and some days were back after dark and could not see much water anyway. In addition, the water ferry honks ever time it docks, which is about every 10 minutes as 2 different ones stop there, and the boardwalk is full of hustle and bustle so noisy at 10 when we were turning in some nights. The room itself is important (the bed situation) but not the view, imho.

Mar 27, 2011


by: Julie

Dear Dad,
I agree. We don’t upgrade from garden view to water view. Sometimes the water is just a glimpse of the pool. The one upgrade we did was at the Contemporary for theme park view. It was well worth it! We left the park and went back to our hotel to watch the fireworks from our balcony along with the Water Pageant. It was expensive (in my opinion) but worth it!

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