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Disney World – Sometimes even the expert doesn’t get it right

OK… yes… it’s true… I admit it…

Even Dad sometimes makes a small, little, insignificant, meaningless, unnoticeable, meaningless, minor, superficial (yes I did look up all the synonyms for insignificant) mistake.

There Mrs. Mom I said it.

I messed up.

Here’s the story.

We got to Orlando right on time. Everything was going right according to plan. We walked down to baggage claim and waited… and waited…

I decided to run down and grab the car (a good practice when there are enough adults) while the Man-Child got the bags. He’s a big, strong, strappin’ lad and it’s ’bout time he did a little work around here.

I grabbed the elevator and started down to level 1 “the Transportation Level”. I walked over to where the Alamo counter was the last time we were there. There was nothing there. NOTHING! I swear it was right here last time we were here.

I looked around a little more then went back upstairs to the family. “We’ll have to grab a bus to get the car”, I told the family. “I guess Alamo has moved out of the terminal.” (Oops.)

It was just an itty bitty mistake. No big deal.

Something on the plane broke and it took forever (45 minutes) to get our luggage.

Finally the bags came (Of course ours were some of the last) and off we went to grab the bus to Alamo. Only one small problem. No Alamo buses. Anywhere.

What have I done?

We walked back into the terminal and guess what…

Yep, it was right there. I just didn’t go far enough.

It took forever to get the car. (30 minutes)

Dad messed up. It’s true. I know it’s hard to believe.

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